Fantasy Football: A Mock a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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Fantasy Football: A Mock a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
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Mock drafts are a tremendous way to prepare for your fantasy football draft.

It's only May, but so what?! I'm ready to draft now!

Before I get ahead of myself, I want to make sure I'm ready. To do that, I want to try and do at least one mock draft per day and work some different strategies to see which ones I like best for each draft position. That way I don’t go for “value” every round and end up with a bag of crap.

I love WRs, but WR/WR isn’t always the best to take. Going RB/RB is the way to go given some drafts, but I want to do enough mocks to be sure.

I also want to answer questions like "what kind of back can I get if I don’t snag one in the second round?"

I wait on QBs, but can I really pass on Peyton Manning in the third round? With these questions in mind, let’s get it on!

Monday, 5/17 Draft done at 15 rounds, picked second

1 - Adrian Peterson
2 - Roddy White
3 - Peyton Manning
4 - Michael Crabtree
5 - Joseph Addai
6 - Jeremy Maclin
7 - "The Ghost" (Jerome Harrison)
8 - Antonio Bryant
9 - Ahmad Bradshaw
10 - Zach Miller
11 - Michael Bush
12 - Larry Johnson
13 - Donnie Avery
14 - Jason Campbell
15 - Dustin Keller

Potential starting lineup

QB - Peyton
RB1 - AP
RB2 - Addai
WR1 - Roddy
WR2 - Crabtree
WR3 - Maclin or Bryant
TE - Miller
Flex options - Bryant, Harrison, Ahmad, Bush, LJ, Avery


This was only a 15 rounder, and I bypassed picking a K and D. Seems pointless for now because I always pick them last anyways.

The RBs aren’t sexy after AP, but they were decent values. Between the four choices after AP, I should be able to get at least one quality start per week.

The WRs should be solid. I really like Crabtree, Maclin, and Bryant this year, and Roddy is as consistent as they come.

There was a huge run on TEs, which I’m fine with. I took Miller a little earlier than I should have but I wanted to make sure that I got him. It seems like a no-brainer that his production will go up considerably with Campbell now throwing him the ball.

I love WRs about as much as anyone in fantasy football, but even I think it’s crazy to pass on one of them for the likes of Jennings, Rice, Colston, and VJack.

Finally, I’m a big endorser of waiting on a QB, but I don’t think I’ll be able to pass on Peyton or Drew Brees should one of them fall to me in the third round like in this draft.

Overall grade


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