Sports Musings: Brewers Buy, Philly Brand, Old Favre, and Unwanted Bonds

Sean Crowe@CroweKnowsSenior Writer IJuly 11, 2008

I've fallen off the sports planet over the last week due to Guitar Hero III. I made the mistake of allowing my wife to borrow the game from my sister-in-law's kids.

Big mistake.

I'm averaging nine hours of work, two hours of commuting, 10 hours of Guitar Hero, and three hours of sleep this week.

That stupid game is so ridiculously addictive...and the thing is, I'm not even sure I like it. I just have an uncontrollable urge to master it.

Not that falling off the sports planet is a bad thing this year. Everything's gone crazy. Completely insane.

Consider this—the Tampa Bay (not Devil) Rays just played against the New York Yankees and a large portion of Red Sox Nation was actually rooting for the Yankees to win.

At the same time, the Milwaukee Brewers made a trade to acquire a player to help them down the stretch—the best pitcher on the market, no less.

The Philadelphia teams (at least their basketball and football teams) actually made decent-to-great offseason signings of high-priced free agents.

The Cubs are the favorites to win the World Series.

Up is down. Left is right. Monkeys are sleeping with elephants. NBA referees and I actually respect each other.

Did I mention the Celtics won an NBA championship?

So, I have this writer's block thing. I've been trying to come up with something to write since Saturday and I've got absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip.

I was going to write about how bad the Red Sox bullpen is, but then I saw the Twins bullpen and I lost the urge to complain.

I was going to write about how the Clippers were finally ready to compete in the Western Conference, then Elton Brand skipped town and ran to Philly. Can't say I blame him. He's been playing for the Lakers' ugly stepsister for the better part of the new millennium.

If anyone deserved to screw his former franchise over, it was him.

I thought for a few minutes about Corey Maggette in a Celtics uniform, but that didn't last. Now I'm worried that James Posey is going to sign with New Orleans. Although, I've had more than a few people remind me that he's James Posey, not Larry Bird.

While I will not argue the fact that I'm overvaluing Posey, there's something to be said about not screwing up championship chemistry. So if it were me, I'd overpay to keep him.

Then again, Danny Ainge isn't me. If he were, he would have fired himself years ago and the Celtics never would have won a championship. So I guess we're all lucky he isn't me.

I have a Brett Favre column in me, but I'm pretty sure what needs to be said has already been said. I was killed on Sports Central for claiming that the Packers didn't want Favre to come back next season. Now it's the prevailing theory among those in the know.

Not that I'm claiming to have some great source, but it was pretty obvious what was going on in Green Bay. People just didn't want to see it—the Favre lovers, the Favre fans, and the Favre apologists especially.

The Packers need to start building for the future. They can't let the Favre retirement decision hang over them every offseason.

Especially when their QB of the future can walk away after the 2009 season.

Green Bay fans should all get on board or shut up, right, Aaron?

I'm extremely entertained at how Barry Bonds' people keep floating rumors about teams being interested, which is quickly followed by the GM or owner of said team denying the interest to anyone who will listen.

I still think a team like Tampa Bay should throw some cash at him to play DH for the rest of the season. He's still good for a high OPS, a ton of walks, and a bunch of power.

So he's a case you haven't been paying attention, there are a ton of cheaters in baseball. Barry Bonds just happens to be the best cheater in the bunch. Doesn't mean I wouldn't cheer for him if he were hitting big home runs down the stretch for the Red Sox.

However, the Red Sox are not interested. Haven't even discussed it. They're upset I even mentioned them and Bonds in the same sentence. Curt Schilling is so mad, he's going to write about it on his blog.

The odds were good that one of Shawn Kemp's 35 illegitimate children were going to be decent basketball players. Apparently, Shawn Kemp Jr. is ready to carry on his father's legacy.

He's 17 and a high school basketball star. They say he's going to grow to be 7 feet tall, he's being recruited by major colleges, and for all we know, he already has two or three illegitimate children of his own.

Lock up your daughters...

Anyway, writer's block. No ideas. So you'll have to live with whatever it was you just read.

I may have mailed this one in like I was the New York Mets in late September, but hey...I'll be starting my NFL Preview columns I'll have plenty of chances to upgrade the effort!

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