NFL Week 12: You Crapped The Bed

DMtShooter Five Tool ToolCorrespondent INovember 30, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 22:  Head coach Jim Zorn of the Washington Redskins at Cowboys Stadium on November 22, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This week on You Crap, we're brought to you by Japanese Toilets , the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas shopping list who wants his bowel movements to be a baffling and expensive ordeal. Once you've dropped a bomb on one of these, you'll never want to commit a war crime on anything less!

You all know how to play the game. Each week, we give you the chance to out-think people who are actually paid to make NFL decisions. Now, let's all play... You Crap The Bed!

1) You are Eagles' coach Andy Reid facing the last-place Redskins at home. You lose the opening coin toss. You choose to:

a) Kick it deep, because the Redskins are a terrible team that does not need any chance of a hot start.

b) Kick it really deep, because place kicker David Akers has been putting the ball in the end zone fairly routinely this year, and your kickoff coverage has been quietly terrible recently, and needs every yard it can get.

c) No, seriously, kick it deep, because you really can't take the risk that, even if you catch the Redskins off guard with an onside kick, that you can feel good about the chances that your rookie-infested special teams will execute the recovery perfectly.

d) Squib or pooch it, I suppose, and give yourselves the chance of recovering the kick without giving up debilitating field position to start the game.

e) Try an onside kick, because even though the new NFL rules have made that play mostly impossible now, the Redskins won't be expecting it, it worked once 10 years ago in Dallas, and it allows the mouth breathers on Fox (Darryl Johnson & Tony Siragusa) to fellate you about how much guts you have.

If you choose (e), preferably while stalking the sidelines like a bear with constipation, crapped the bed! And you've won quickly digging yourself into a hole against a terrible opponent, the knowledge that you're going to spend most of the day dicking around with a terrible team, and the full-throated booing of a fan base with 49 years and counting of self-fulfilling negativity. Well done!

But not to be outcrapped, in the very same game...

2) You are Redskins bystander Jim Zorn, offensive bingo caller Sherman Lewis, or whichever theoretical human calls plays for this train wreck. You are down 27-24 to the Eagles on the road, having blown an eight-point fourth-quarter lead. On first down, QB Jason Campbell is nearly killed by the Eagles pass rush on a slow-developing pass play that goes incomplete. On second down, Campbell and TE Fred Davis fail to connect on a deep post. On 3rd-and-10 from your 15 with 1:33 left, Campbell is barely able to get the ball to WR Antwan Randle-El, who nearly gets the first down to prolong the game, but is tripped up a half a yard from the sticks.

On 4th-and-1 at your own 25 with 1:25 left, you choose to:

a) Run a QB draw to make sure you get the first down, especially since the pass rush has been mostly coming from the edge.

b) Run just a plain draw to RB Quinton Gaither, who has five carries for 32 yards and has looked like your fastest back today.

c) Throw a quick out to TE Davis, who is always open, given that he is a pass catching TE that is playing the Eagles.

d) Honestly, just run it. You need to keep the game alive and give yourself a chance. It's not as if you are completely out of time, or need to do anything more than get 40 yards to give yourself a shot at the tying field goal.

e) Throw a slow developing middle-zone pass to WR Santana Moss because it's not as if the Eagles aren't usually terrific at taking away the No. 1 option, or have been getting a ton of pressure.

If you chose (e), preferably while looking around the stadium like you were trying to find a lost child at the mall, crapped the bed! You've won a game-ending incomplete pass from pressure, yet another terrible loss in a season filled with them, and the perverse happiness of many people in your fan base who are actively rooting against your team at this point—either that, or the sweet embrace of death. Golf clap, whoever you are!

3) You are Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin, or offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. In overtime on the road in Baltimore, you are starting third-string QB Dennis Dixon, who has been nearly picked-off on several occasions late in the game, but has not turned it over. With 10:14 left in overtime after the teams exchanged punts, you have a 3rd-and-5 at midfield. You choose to:

a) Hand it off to RB Rashard Mendenhall, who has 24 carries for 95 yards and has looked strong as of late going against a defense that might be tiring, and knowing that a punt in this situation is not fatal seeing how there are 10 minutes left.

b) Call a QB draw for Dixon, who scored on a 24-yard bootleg to give you the lead in the fourth quarter, and clearly has good quicks.

c) Throw a safe bubble screen to WR Hines Ward or Santonio Holmes, both of whom have been effective this game.

d) Try something mildly tricky, like an end around or shuffle pass, that has a reasonable chance at getting five yards but no massive INT risk.

e) Drop back Dixon in the same kind of formation and passing-play that has almost been picked-off on multiple occasions in the second half, and maybe pass to ice-cold TE Heath Miller (one catch for two yards)

If you chose (e), all while proving that your Super Bowl hangover year means you somehow finish games worse than even Baltimore, crapped the bed! You've won a game-changing interception and return on a terrible mistake by Dixon, the increasing likelihood that you are going to have to sweat out all 17 weeks just to get a wild card, and the knowledge that you could have left B'More absolutely dead and buried with a road win while starting a backup QB, only to let them off the hook. Bravo!

Well, I'm afraid that's all we have time for this week. But remember, with a little fiber, determination and inspiration—or the abject horror that is freakishly invasive Japanese technology meeting your digestive system—you too can... Crap The Bed! Good night, everybody! - The Sports Blog That Loves You Back!