Thumbs up, Thumbs Down, Which Way Do Your Thumbs Go?

Eric LawheadCorrespondent IMay 16, 2008

Each week I will give either thumbs up or down to recent sports stories. I also want to see what you have thumbs for either up or down. Give me your opinions, but remember these are only my opinions.

Thumbs up:To the Boston Herald for stepping up and admitting they were wrong with the whole Spy Gate saga. It takes a lot for even a single person to admit they were wrong to another, let alone a huge newspaper admitting they were wrong to millions of people. They didn't have viable sources, and they reported on something that was inessence wrong. All they wanted to be was the FIRST to say something. Well they were and they were wrong. But they knew when they were wrong and they stepped up and took it in the chin.

Thumbs up: To Flordia baseball. For the first time EVER, the Tampa Bay Rays were 6 games over .500. Last week was the latest, yes latest in the 2nd week of May, that they were 3 games over .500! It's amazing. Not so much that they are winning like they are, but that these stats are even possible. They are doing it all on the backs of great starting pitching, and they haven't even had their "ace" until just recently. I'm not ready to go buy World Series tickets in Tampa yet, but it's a fun story.

Like the Rays, the Marlins are shocking a lot of people. But is it really a shock? They won it all in '97, 4 years after becoming a franchise and then dumped every decent player they had in the bigs. They won it again, 6 years later in '03 and then dumped it all again. Well it's about that time, 4 years later and they are quietly moving up into a pretty decent team in the National League. They just signed Hanley Ramirez to a 6 year $70M deal, which is such a discount it's insane! They are in the works to finally get out of that giant fish bowl they call Dolphin Stadium, andthey are just winning games. Even if there's only a couple thousand people to see it.

Thumbs up: To the Cleveland Indians starting pitchers. They went almost a week, throwing 44 1/3 innings of scoreless baseball. That is phenomenal. They've got a guy who's given up 4 runs all season! I heard a stat about Cliff Lee the other day. There has only been two run scoring hits off him all season. An RBI single and a 3-Run Home Run. That's an amazing stat. C.C. is finally taking his Cy Young form, Fausto is starting to make sense of his huge contract. Byrd and Laffey are being solid 4 and 5 guys and just getting the job done. Too bad the bullpen can't pitch so steady all the time. It's time to move Betencourt to the set-up role again and finda steady closer.

Thumbs down: To Senator Spector for getting into something that is none of his business. Doesn't he have some sort of legislation to write andconstituents to serve? He's from Pennsylvania and getting into NFL business from Boston. There is no reason for him to stick is nose in this business. I'm so sick of hearing about this whole spygate thing. I mean really what does it matter. Yeah they taped the signals, but you can tape signals in any sport. In baseball, stealing signs is part of the game (and those who say it's cheating, it's not, I played my whole life and it's a part of the game). The NFL is through with spygate, so this old man from the Quaker State needs to go back to his own state and his own business.

Thumbs down: To the visiting team in the Conference Semi-Finals. They are a combined 1-20! Good for the Pistons to win a road game, but really. What is the deal with losing on the road? I know it's apparently hard to play in Utah, and it's been like that all season, but it's not just LA, it's Boston, Cleveland, Utah, San Antonio, and New Orleans. It's amazing. I hope the road team loses again tonight in Cleveland, but I sure hope things are different in the Conference Finals and Finals.

Thumbs down: To Brian Urlacher for crying all the way to the bank...well not quite yet. He's threatening to not attend the mandatory mini-camp at the end of the month because the Bears won't give him a new contract. I say thumbs up Bears to this point. Brian, you signed the contract. You got old. You got hurt. Those things don't add up to more money. How bout you play a full season and not get hurt and not complain about your neck and back and then play another one like that, and then maybe you'll get paid!

Thumbs down: To my fantasy baseball team! I am in dead last place in my league. It's embarrassing. I'vegot good players, but they tend to not have good weeks when I need them. Or the good week comes after a bad one, and I've either sat them or let them go. It's frustrating!