Teddy Bridgewater's Poor Pro Day Isn't Only Factor in Plummeting Draft Stock

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Teddy Bridgewater's Poor Pro Day Isn't Only Factor in Plummeting Draft Stock
Timothy D. Easley/Associated Press

Former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had a terrible pro day. We all know this. We've seen the footage, read the analysis and watched the fallout.

Since then, Bridgewater's draft stock has plummeted. He went from the consensus most NFL-ready quarterback prospect to a potential second-round pick in a hurry.

Certainly, his pro day had a major impact in this regard, but that's not the only thing affecting the quarterback's fall from grace.

So what have we been missing?

After inaccuracy issues plagued Bridgewater's pro day, it made some analysts dive back into his college footage to get another perspective on the quarterback.

During an NFL draft media conference call, expert Mike Mayock weighed in about his take on Bridgewater toward the end of the season:

I'm struggling myself internally with this whole Bridgewater thing. I'm a coach's son and I've always believed the tape tells everything. I struggle with this a little bit because I like them on tape. I think it was four games prior to the combine. I saw him throw live and I didn't like it at all. Went back and watched three or four more games.

To be honest with you, it's from a different prism. I am questioning arm strength, I am questioning accuracy. I watched him take three sacks consecutively against I think it was the University of South Florida. His stats were outstanding in that game. He threw the ball well, but he took three sacks I couldn't stand.

It bothered me that he took those sacks. Did it bother me more because I was at his pro day? Maybe. I didn't think he was as athletic. He's a narrow-framed guy.

Upon re-watching Bridgewater's tape, Mayock found himself questioning the quarterback's arm strength, accuracy, athleticism and frame. It could be conceived that after his pro day, many NFL scouts and executives did the same.

Perhaps Bridgewater isn't as polished as we all initially thought.

Suddenly, the things that seemed to be the quarterback's strengths are now being viewed as weaknesses.

To make matters worse for Bridgewater, Mayock wasn't only concerned with his skill set:

As far as the face of the franchise, sometimes that's not definable. I look at Johnny Manziel. Whatever it is, he has it. I know on Saturday, Sunday, whatever day you play on, he's going to show up with an edge about him thinking he's the best guy on the field and he's going to elevate the play of those around him. I believe that. I also struggle with him a little bit with his off-the-field antics.

With Bridgewater, I don't feel an 'it' factor. I see a really good kid. But I don't know if he's ready to be the guy. Because of that, I think he's going to need at least a year to get used to that environment. He needs a redshirt year, in other words. If you need a redshirt year, you're probably going to get drafted at a different level.

Adding to the mix of shortcomings, Mayock questions his leadership ability and capability to contribute immediately as a rookie.

These two things alone warrant a severe drop in draft stock.

Teams selecting at the top of the draft need a prospect—especially at the quarterback position—who can come in and lead the team from Day 1. If NFL franchises are thinking in the same terms as Mayock, passing on Bridgewater early will be easy.

Mayock concluded his comments on Bridgewater by saying, "But I'd be surprised at this point if he goes in the first round."

Will Bridgewater be taken in Round 1?

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Even with a high amount of smoke screens at this point in the year, Bridgewater's fall down draft boards seems legitimate.

A few months ago, many analysts were projecting the quarterback to the Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars or Minnesota Vikings.

Right now, it appears as though he could still land with one of those teams—albeit, one round later.

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