1. Teddy Bridgewater, Vikings offensive line out to slow opposing pass rush with Atlanta next: https://t.co/t6GboiENww https://t.co/BAQIJhp5mQ

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  6. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is running well for the #Vikings, but insists he doesn't want to do it too much. https://t.co/horw5IvAL1

  7. I am thankful for Teddy Bridgewater as the QB for the Minnesota Vikings.

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  11. Stefon Diggs, WRs and Teddy Bridgewater are working overtime to correct on "misses:"https://t.co/niFSEIUTTq https://t.co/Tq5skeihxB

  12. Stefon Diggs, WRs and Teddy Bridgewater are working overtime to correct on "misses:"https://t.co/wiha8BpOPG https://t.co/nvnDjhZ98z

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  16. ``He is a challenge from an athletic standpoint,'' Smith on Teddy Bridgewater.

  17. Despite being praised for elusivness, Teddy Bridgewater is taking sacks, hits and being forced to run: https://t.co/kUmuv5JUua #Vikings

  18. Despite being praised for elusivness, Teddy Bridgewater is taking sacks, hits and being forced to run: https://t.co/5BQo2PJUbT #Vikings

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  22. Teddy Bridgewater said he might have to do more in the passing game because of Atlanta's top ranked rush defense. #Vikings

  23. Teddy Bridgewater notes how Atlanta sometimes puts eight in the box to stop the run.

  24. Teddy Bridgewater on how he feels after getting banged up vs. Green Bay "I'm actually feeling pretty good. We have a great training staff''

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  28. Teddy Bridgewater on the pass rush. Says there were times he could have thrown the ball away.

  29. Teddy Bridgewater said Kyle Rudolph was still beating himself up last week over dropped TD pass at Oakland.

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  32. Teddy Bridgewater hopes he doesn't have to run more: "My job is to complete passes.''

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  36. Teddy Bridgewater on facing the Falcons defense: "We're still going to try to get things going with our running game.''

  37. Teddy Bridgewater faced pressure on 59.6% of dropbacks against the Packers, the highest percentage of any QB this week. 2nd - Brady 52.5%

  38. Teddy Bridgewater Exits Game With Concussion

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  40. Packers defense daring us to beat them throwing it. O-Line needs to man the hell up and Teddy needs to get it done.

  41. 3rd and 23 after Teddy takes another sack. Big blitz there by Green Bay.

  42. Teddy Bridgewater Exits Game With Injury

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  44. Looked like Teddy got a Packers DL on the hard count. No flag, though.

  45. Teddy hits Rudy, Rudy came to play today. #Vikings

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  48. 1st play is not a run - it's Teddy to Diggs for 17. #Vikings #skol

  49. Rudy with a great catch! Teddy finds him for a gain of 33 yards. Good coverage, better catch. #Vikings #skol

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  52. Teddy whipping the Vikings down the field here. Red zone alert!

  53. Bridgewater saw single coverage, unloaded before the rush got there. Vikings need more of that.

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  56. Teddy to Wright for 16 on the 1st play. Let's go! https://t.co/YlRnH7LXTz

  57. Teddy finds Wright for 16 on 3rd and 10. Good protection. #Vikings #skol

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  60. I'm guessing people will still complain about Bridgewater after this game. Those people are insane. #Vikings

  61. “We know that a game like this won’t be good enough to compete in this division.” - @teddyb_h2o

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  63. Teddy said it was a tough loss but Vikings overall in good shape at. 7 3

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  66. “We have six more games and we have to take advantage of those opportunities.” - @teddyb_h2o #GBvsMIN

  67. Teddy said with his injury he just landed on his left shoulder then had it checked and was fine

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  70. “We control our own destiny. We face Green Bay again… We just have to learn from today.” - @teddyb_h2o #GBvsMIN

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  74. "I owed @teddyb_h2o from last week after that drop." - @KyleRudolph82 MORE: https://t.co/GVEusf1ojg https://t.co/nAYd5hUEUN

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