Anti-Tim Tebow Website Created by Jaguars Fans

Mike ChiariFeatured Columnist IVApril 7, 2017

Speculation linking quarterback Tim Tebow to the Jacksonville Jaguars has persisted since the Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning last offseason. It was amplified when the Jets finally released Tebow last week, but it turns out that not all Jags fans are on board with Jacksonville pursuing the former University of Florida star. 

According to Paul Kuharsky of, a group of Jaguars fans known as the Bold City Brigade has set up an anti-Tebow website called

The name of the site is reportedly in reference to a comment made by Jaguars general manager David Caldwell prior to the New York Jets releasing Tebow last month.

Back in early January at Caldwell's first press conference as new GM, he said about Tebow: "I can't imagine a scenario where he'd be a Jaguar. Even if he's released."

The website is a simple, yet bold statement from Jaguars fans who aren't on the Tebow bandwagon. The site is simply one page with the words "even if he's released" written in Jaguars teal on a black background. There is also a check mark that can be clicked to show support for the cause.

The Tebow-to-Jacksonville chatter has predictably grown since Tebow became a free agent, and it has reached ridiculous levels in some cases.

According to Kuharsky, the Bold City Brigade set up the website in response to Orlando attorney John Morgan imploring Jags owner Shad Khan to sign Tebow, going so far as to set up a petition with the White House.

Morgan's petition was thrown out by the White House, according to Yahoo! Sports, but it stirred up enough buzz to get people talking.

It can be argued that the Jaguars have the worst quarterback situation in the NFL with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne vying for the starting spot, but a large contingent obviously doesn't believe that Tebow is the answer.

The Bold City Brigade may not affect Tebow's status one way or the other, but the group has ensured that those who do not endorse "Tebowmania" are being heard.


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