Watch This Artist Paint a Stunning Portrait of Peyton Manning in 4 Minutes

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Put that fancy-pants air wand down and just take my money, sir.

Jimmy Conca of Conca Designs is a wizard with an airbrush, and his latest masterpiece was an amazingly detailed painting of Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. Conca recorded himself going to town on the piece and released a time-lapse video of the painstaking process that is crafting a real-as-life portrait of a superstar player.

Conca’s video shows the 16-hour process of painting Manning’s likeness sped up to a four-minute procedure. The deliberate brush strokes turn into a blur and the picture becomes more and more lifelike by the moment. 

The sheer precision and attention to detail in the painting is staggering, and the final product looks more like a black-and-white picture than something drawn almost entirely by freehand.

The painting will be signed by Manning, according to Conca, and was slated to be auctioned off to benefit Active Force Foundation, a charity run by former Broncos long snapper Lonie Paxton.

Painting athletes would appear to be one of Conca’s passions. The Denver, Colo. native’s website,, is filled with images of other notable sports figures—many of them of his beloved Broncos.

Conca with Jake Plummer:

Conca with Jay Cutler:

Conca is open for business, according to his site, and can be commissioned to paint a personal portrait of you or your loved ones.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m personally thinking maybe a nice black and white of Sad Face Geno Smith or maybe JaVale McGee running the wrong way up the court.

Go crazy if you’re going to do it, because obviously the sky is the limit when you’re working with a master artist like Conca.


Maybe a painting of Charles Barkley a horse with a Dothraki arakh?: Dr__Carson

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