First-Round NFL Draft Picks in Cartoon Form Will Brighten Your Day

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 30, 2013

Because the internet is a wonderful place that gives yet rarely asks for anything in return, we now have a full first-round collection of draft picks as cartoons. 

There is something so very pleasing about every last colorful entry presented by The Draw Play. You can see every last pick in the first round at the website, but we present you with our favorites below. 

But first, artist David Rappoccio breaks down the impetus behind the massive effort of capturing the best day of the draft in cartoon form. 

For the 2013 NFL draft The Draw Play and Draftpedia partnered up to create cartoon versions of every first round pick, and some extras! For this project, I tried to draw as many possible players projected as possible first rounders. I ended up drawing about 50, for 32 picks, and live tweeted them out as the draft happened, then colored in the remainder of the players as they got picked in the later rounds. 

The offensive lineman party got started rather early as the Kansas City Chiefs selected Eric Fisher. According to this cartoon, he could be happier. 

There were quite a few analysts who thought Luke Joeckel would be the first off the board. Apparently, Joeckel was fairly stunned. 

Ezekiel Ansah stole the show with 3D glasses he never quite got around to giving back to a local movie theater. Somehow, he is captured perfectly here, along with said glasses. 

And, as Rappoccio notes, live tweeting the first round brought some surprises, so he had extra cartoons floating around for some notable names picked in the later rounds.

Here is a befuddled Matt Barkley.

And a triumphant Alex Okafor. 

Of course, everything is better with a little Manti Te'o. This particular cartoon is the perfect cocktail of bizarre and adorable.  

If you enjoyed those, I encourage you to bump around the website and take a look at some added hilarity. Geno Smith being talked down from a chair and Mel Kiper's endorsement possibilities are definitely worth a look. 

The draft is covered from every angle imaginable, so it stands to reason that we should take a look at some far more colorful interpretations. 


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