Round One of the Cleveland Browns' Draft

Samuel IngroAnalyst IApril 26, 2009

As soon as the Browns started trading down, I knew the Dawg Pound would be clamoring to voice their opinions on how Mangini has sunk us deep into a hole we'll never climb out of. Yes, it appears our new coaching has let us down again right fans?

Take a step back a minute, I realize missing out on BJ Raji, Brian Orakpo, and Michael Crabtree put everybody a little on edge. But let's look at what we picked up in the first round.

-C Alex Mack CAL

Mack will be our starting center for the next 10 years, he was the best in the draft at his position. The Steelers were set to take him with their first-round pick, so maybe it's not such a dumb pick. By tightening up the offensive line, it creates more holes for the run-game.

-SS Abram Elam, DE Kenyon Coleman, and QB Brett Ratliff

Abram Elam is a class-act player and a hard hitter capable of filling a huge hole in our secondary.

Kenyon Coleman was a starter last year on the Jets and could replace injury plagued DE Robaire Smith, assuming Robaire is even healthy enough to play this year.

Brett Ratliff is a practice squad surprise that apparently impressed Mangini enough to package him in the deal, if you YouTube some of his performances, its definitely a step up from the Dorsey/Gradkowski third string we had last season.

-No. 52, 191, 195

What do Tom Brady, Matt Cassel, TJ Houshmandzadeh all have in common? They were all chosen past the picks we acquired. The top 200 is full of unknown talent, so trading one pick away for four picks, two potential starters, and a backup QB in the process is fine by me.

Sure I'd love to have gotten BJ Raji too, but we had a lot more needs to fill then one and I think we're off to a good start with some solid roleplayers.