You Know What? I Like DHB In Silver and Black...and Mike Mitchell!

Jason SimmonsCorrespondent IApril 25, 2009

At first when I heard Darrius Heyward-Bey's name come out of Roger Goodell's mouth, I began contemplating a death threat to mail in to Al Davis. I wrote a quick little snippet article questioning his tactics.

But when I heard the conference call with DHB and the Cable Guy soon after, I instantly fell in love with the guy (no homo).

I would rather have a guy who wants to be there, and wants to do everything in his ability to make this franchise a playoff contender, instead of a Michael Crabtree who doesn't want to be a Real Raider, who has a diva attitude, who mutters "whew" when passed on.

I'm glad we passed on this second coming of a T.O., this new and improved cancer.

Michael Crabtree was passed on by the Cleveland Browns, isn't it interesting that they drafted two WRs rather than taking this so-called "special player."

I feel ashamed that I was a long time advocate of this Michael Crabtree. I say good riddance to the man who possibly could and would have destroyed an already dismal locker room morale!

And when you look at DHB intangibles, he has the physical tools of a Randy Moss in his prime.

- Height: 6-3

- Reported personal record 40 time at 4.23 (would tie Deion Sanders for the fastest 40 ever)

He needs to works on his route running, and consistency with his hands. But I truly really like this guy, and he'll help J-Russ keep his job, D-Mac have his breakout year, and stretch the field for our other receivers.

Plus, I really like the pickup of the darkhorse in Mike Mitchell. He was taken so highly only because the Bears were planning to take him from the Raiders, the thought that the Raiders would follow popular belief, and would attempt to take him in later rounds.

They must not know Al Davis...

He got the guy who dreamed of playing with the dynasty that is the Oakland Raiders, before the Chicago Bears could steal him only two picks later. Notice how they traded down immediately after we acquired Mike "The Chain Pike" Mitchell.

The Raiders are in a rebuilding phase, and they are trying to fill the locker room with guys who want to be there. They are trying to change the mentality of this  organization. Even if it means taking guys who weren't as lucky to be in a 100 percent passing spread offense.

Just like we don't need head case free agents, we don't need head case rookies...

My commitment to the Raiders had slightly faltered today, but know it is stronger than ever...

I Believe...Do you??