Please Not Crabtree Or Maclin!!

eric brooksCorrespondent IApril 23, 2009

LUBBOCK, TX - NOVEMBER 08:  Wide receiver Michael Crabtree #5 of the Texas Tech Red Raiders during play against the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Jones AT&T Stadium on November 8, 2008 in Lubbock, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

I couldn't wait for when Michael Crabtree declared himself for the draft the season before this last. But now that the time is upon us, I hope that he is not the first pick and that goes for Maclin also.

Why you ask, do I not want either of these 2 to end up a Raider? The "experts" have us taking Maclin, why? Is it because he has that one skill that Mr. Davis covets? He sure wasn't all over Sportscenter or Foxsports like Crabtree was, and the majority of the talk centered around Crabtree.

The combine is the biggest producer of bologna since Oscar Meyer! Can they honestly say that this guy is going to be a great lineman because he benched 225 32 times or ran the shuttle in 5.1 seconds.

So to say that Jeremy Maclin moved up the board due to his pro day and how he did at the combine and not his actual play during the season makes me wonder, why play the game then?

Michael Crabtree-he's listed as being 6'3, but from what I've heard he is actually 6'1. Another speedster, wonder about the ankle and any lingering affects.

As I said at the beginning this kid impressed me, I had never watched a game only highlights, which is all he has because he gets lost during the game, almost non-existent to say.

And yes he did make the play of the season tightroping in for a touchdown against then undefeated Texas. How much of a factor was he in their bowl game?

After learning more about this guy, such as; how will he be able to handle the pro playbook? He only had 5 plays to worry about at Tech. 5 plays!! 5. Makes one wonder about his ability to digest and remember the playbook he will receive as a pro.

Mr.Davis and Coach Cable will not be calling me up Saturday to ask who they should pick. It would be cool if that's how it worked."We'll call a random fan an see who they say we should take."

I would strongly urge them to stay away from either Maclin and Crabtree. Have I really given a concrete reason why these 2 should be skipped, probably not, and they say that you can't go by gut feeling, well this time my gut (instinct) is saying no, don't want either one.

Hopefully, they trade down taking a later pick and end up with Hakeem Nicks and then  his teammate in the third round. While taking an OL in the second round.Of course this hasn't addressed the problem of finding that player who will help stop the run.

Have not really done the proper research on the names that interest me, but remember Ricky Jean Francois out of LSU DT in the 4th round or Corey Irvin from Geogia in the 5th, Khalif Mitchell from East Carolina in the 7th or my darkhorse pick, as he is from a smaller, not necessarily none as a football school-Terrence Knighton from Temple in the 6th.

Maybe any of these guys drop from where they are supposed to go. They all are defensive tackles, several top out over 300 pounds.

And if Cable is really the genius of the, and can work some magic. I say they wait till next year for the offensive tackle. There is a kid from Wisconsin that I would really like to be picked up next year.

I know a lot of variables that go against the team getting this kid, but he is on my wish list for next year.

I got away from my original topic and apologize. Everyone gets all geeked up about the first round that the later rounds are an after thought unless you are a true fan and stick it out all the way to Mr. Irrelevant.

So to sum this up, I do not have a viable argument as to why the Raiders should not pick Michael Crabtree or Jeremy Maclin other than I just don't have that feeling that either one is the answer.

Feel free to disagree because if anyone can sway my thinking take a shot. Otherwise, I will be disappointed if Godell walks up to the podium and announces, "With the seventh pick the Oakland Raiders select- Michael Crabtree receiver from Texas Tech/ or Jeremy Maclin receiver from Missouri." The rest of my day would be ruined!