Miami Dolphins 2013 Mock Draft: Building the Perfect 7 Round Draft

Thomas Galicia@thomasgaliciaFeatured Columnist IVMarch 27, 2013

Miami Dolphins 2013 Mock Draft: Building the Perfect 7 Round Draft

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    Despite the wild frenzy that is free agency, the Miami Dolphins still have plenty of holes to fill. Holes that should be filled by the draft.

    Now the draft is something I've spent plenty of time covering. I created a big board a few weeks ago, then last week I created a hypothetical mock draft that showed what the Miami Dolphins would do if they were to trade up in the draft.

    Later this week I'll focus on what Miami would do if they were to trade down from their current position at No. 12, but today we're going to focus on what the Dolphins would do if they just play this draft straight.

    No trades, just simply Miami picking when they're up. Who do they pick? Why would they pick them? How would you feel about said picks (that part is on you, the reader, in the comment section, where based on the past I'll either be told what the Dolphins should do or that I'm an idiot for predicting that the Dolphins will do something that you don't want them to do).

    How will Miami fill those holes? Who will they turn to? Let's take a look.

Round 1, No. 12: Jonathan Cooper, Guard, North Carolina

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    "Tavon Austin! Miami's going to pick Tavon Austin at the 12 spot, bro!"

    That's a summary of at least 50 of the comments I'm going to get on this piece. Fact is, it's not happening.

    After spending the money he spent on wide receivers, what makes you think Jeff Ireland is going to pick another wide receiver in the first round? Would it be electrifying? Of course it would! Would it make sense? To a degree, yes, considering it is Davone Bess' walk year, and Austin can provide most of the same production as Bess with a lot more upside and tons more excitement.

    But, I hate to burst your bubble, it's not happening.

    What's happening is Miami is going to fill legitimate holes. Right now, wide receiver isn't one meant to be addressed in Round 1.

    Cornerback is and where I'd prefer to look. I'm not an Xavier Rhodes fan, but I am a fan of Desmond Trufant, who fits Miami's scheme well. Yet I don't see Trufant in Miami, nor do I see the Dolphins choosing a cornerback in Round 1. 

    I do see them picking an offensive lineman, and odds are the favorite is going to be Oklahoma's Lane Johnson, whom I am a fan of.

    He's not being picked either though. It will be guard Jonathan Cooper, who ran the same blocking scheme in North Carolina that the Dolphins do.

    During North Carolina's pro day, this tidbit was tweeted out by Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel:

    The Dolphins' offensive line coach ran the North Carolina workout for the offensive linemen. 3 fit what Miami wants to do. #XOmar

    — Omar Kelly (@OmarKelly) March 27, 2013

    Three! Here's the crazy thing: Guard Jonathan Cooper is the only one that's considered a first-round talent.

    Now looking at Miami's history with offensive linemen in the draft (Jake Long in 2008, Mike Pouncey in 2011) and their need up front, I'd bet more on the Dolphins selecting the athletic Cooper over Lane Johnson.

    Also keep that tweet in mind, because it will be a factor in the later rounds.

Round 2, No. 42: Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Cornerback, Connecticut

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    So here's a guy that's just shooting up draft boards despite the fact that stuff like this has been written about him:

    He has lined up in both press and off-coverage, but struggles in his transition to quickly flip his hips and blanket his man downfield. Not every cornerback can play man coverage and I'm not sure I would trust Wreh-Wilson outside of zone coverage.

    Dane Brugler of said that about Wreh-Wilson, and to some teams that might be bad.

    That is, however, music to the Dolphins' ears, especially since they run zone coverage in the secondary. That's the preference of defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle and part of the reason why Sean Smith looked so lost in the secondary at times last season (and why Smith is now a Kansas City Chief).

    It's one thing to be limited in what type of coverage you're able to play in, but if you're really good in that type of coverage, you can get away with it.

    Blidi Wreh-Wilson is very good in zone coverage. At 6'1" 192 pounds, Wreh-Wilson looks the part of a cornerback. He doesn't have great speed, but for zone coverage it is pretty good, as his career at UConn showed.

Round 2, No. 54: Jordan Poyer, Cornerback, Oregon State

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    I figured Poyer would be around in Round 3 due to his speed not being "second-round" speed. But, apparently, cornerback is such a need that he will be lucky to get out of Round 2.

    Yet, despite that, it's a gut feeling I have that this kid will be a Miami Dolphin. He fits the scheme perfectly, has great hands and excels in press coverage. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if the Dolphins actually drafted him first in Round 2, then picked up Wreh-Wilson with their second Round 2 selection.

    Assuming they don't trade one of them to trade up for Dee Milliner that is.

Round 3, No. 77: Marcus Lattimore, Running Back, South Carolina

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    I honestly don't know how I'd react to this draft pick. I'd probably run the gamut of emotions.

    Lattimore was the best running back in this draft, then suffered a nasty season-ending injury. The positive side is he'd create an electric backfield with Lamar Miller if he's healthy. The negative side is the whole "if he's healthy" deal hovering around the whole thing.

    You can point to Adrian Peterson's comeback and consider that Peterson was older, recovered in less time and came only nine yards short of the single-season record. That's also what the optimistic side of me would say.

    The pessimistic side of me would counter that Marcus Lattimore isn't Adrian Peterson, no one is, and in fact the athlete that's closest to Adrian Peterson in all of sports would likely be LeBron James.

    With all that being said, Miami could use another running back alongside Lamar Miller who's not named Daniel Thomas. Lattimore does fit the bill perfectly and does seem to be recovering quicker than anyone thought, surprising even Dr. James Andrews (per

Round 3, No. 82: Margus Hunt, DE/DT, SMU

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    Exact same spot I had him in the last mock draft, Hunt goes here because he's a developmental project, and his workouts over the offseason have been a bit uneven (and I think I'm being generous by saying that).

    However, he does have a lot of raw potential as a pass-rusher opposite Cam Wake, while also providing the versatility to move into the defensive tackle spot in the future if neither Paul Soliai or Randy Starks are retained after the 2013 season.

    I expect Miami to go after another pass-rusher in free agency (no, not Dwight Freeney), which would make this pick more of a luxury. But I don't see Hunt as someone who will be plugged in to start, but rather a rotational guy who could rack up plenty of sacks with Cameron Wake getting most of the attention when he is in at defensive end.

Round 4, Pick 110: Dion Sims, Tight End, Michigan State

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    With Dustin Keller, the Dolphins already have a good pass-catching tight end.

    What they need is a blocking tight end that can also run routes well and catch passes. Gil Brandt of considers Dion Sims to not only be the best blocking tight end but also said that at his pro day, he looked good running routes and catching the ball.

    With so many other holes, it would make sense to bypass Eifert in Round 1 and Ertz in Round 2 for Sims, especially since Miami already has Keller and Charles Clay.

    Sims would definitely beat out Michael Egnew for the third tight end spot, by the way.

Round 5, Pick 146: Brennan Williams, OT, North Carolina

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    What did Omar say in his tweet again?

    The Dolphins' offensive line coach ran the North Carolina workout for the offensive linemen. 3 fit what Miami wants to do. #XOmar

    — Omar Kelly (@OmarKelly) March 27, 2013

    Here's the other one, who I also profiled in my last Trade Up Mock Draft: Brennan Williams.

    Williams has great size at 6'6" and 318 pounds, as well as the athleticism necessary for the zone blocking scheme utilized by the Dolphins, and should be a name to keep an eye out for when it comes to looking for Miami's next right tackle.

    The only knock on Williams is he is recovering from a torn labrum. However, despite the injury, he did have himself a great pro day, per

    Recovery from the subsequent surgery kept Williams from lifting Wednesday, but he ran the 40-yard dash in 5.20-seconds and recorded a 28.5-inch vertical and a 8-foot, 5-inch broad jump. With only 22 career starts, Williams is unpolished, but he shows intriguing athletic upside on tape and could wind up developing into a better player in the NFL than he was in college. Considering that ACC coaches recognized him with honorable mention accolades despite the fact that he missed a third of the season, that's saying something.

    Seems like just the type of player you would want in a fifth-round pick.

Round 5, Pick 166: Michael Buchanan, DE, Illinois

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    Since last week, quite a few people alerted me of Illinois' Michael Buchanan.

    I'm glad I paid attention and watched some tape of his. Really, this guy is a fifth-round pick? He's drawing double teams, getting to the quarterback and shoots out of the block quickly.

    Then I got a better look at the kid: he'd have to gain another 10 pounds to be as skinny as Chris Bosh (yes, that's hyperbole, but the kid is pretty skinny for a defensive end).

    But then I looked further into his history and one reason he was so skinny last season was because he had his jaw wired shut early in 2012 after getting into a fight. I could talk about how that's not a player that Joe Philbin would want on his team, but this isn't exactly the Honey Badger we're talking about here: kids in college do stupid things. Based off some of the interviews I've seen with Buchanan, he does seem matured.

    Buchanan is also versatile and could rotate between playing on the line and dropping back into the linebacker position, providing Miami with great depth at both. He's an Olivier Vernon-type project, but considering the fact that I myself am a Vernon fan, I wouldn't mind a second version of him on defense.

    Buchanan can get to the quarterback, which is exactly what Miami's front seven could use.

Round 7, Pick 217: Marquess Wilson, Wide Receiver, Washington State

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    Marquess Wilson actually has first-round prototypical wide receiver size at 6'3" and 194 pounds, but his speed isn't elite—not slow either, as he ran a 4.51 40-yard dash at the combine.

    Wilson could use some help with route-running, which isn't a strong suit for him, but he has great body control and great hands.

    One issue that has propped up is him leaving Washington State on bad terms after claiming that head coach Mike Leach was "abusive" (per Yahoo! Sports).

    I did say in the last mock draft that Miami would likely use an earlier pick on a wide receiver if they kept all of their draft picks. However, with so many holes on the offensive line and secondary, along with other needs, I really can't see that happening unless Miami does wind up making a few more free-agent signings.

    Because of this, they wait until Round 7 and wind up with a fairly good steal with a wide receiver who would work well in the West Coast offense despite the deficiencies running routes (which does sound oxymoronic when talking about a receiver in the West Coast offense).

Round 7, Pick 224: Jordan Rodgers, Quarterback, Vanderbilt

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    It seems odd to think the Dolphins would carry four quarterbacks on their roster.

    However, it doesn't seem too odd for me, especially considering that one of them is bound to join the practice squad. Jordan Rodgers is that quarterback, at least for this season.

    Philbin already has history with Rodgers' much more famous older brother, which could be a factor when making this pick. Another factor is the Green Bay approach to quarterbacks, which involves drafting one almost every year for developmental purposes.

    While Pat Devlin is still being groomed by the Dolphins, Rodgers could still be an asset to the team and could also provide some competition to Devlin as the No. 3 quarterback.

Round 7, Pick 250: Caleb Sturgis, Kicker, Florida

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    Just another reminder that you will hear from me as the draft approaches. You'll likely also hear this from me after the draft if a kicker isn't selected, urging the Dolphins to look at undrafted free-agent kickers and creating competition at the kicker position during training camp.

    Dan Carpenter will make $3 million in 2013. If the Dolphins can find a kicker that can either match or exceed his performance, they should pounce on him.

    Caleb Sturgis is one kicker who can do just that and is a pick I actually liked better than Florida State's Dustin Hopkins (sorry, I don't trust Florida State kickers, plus Hopkins missed one pretty badly at the Orange Bowl).

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    Trade-Down Mock Draft coming later this week.