Ed Reed Replaces Rob Gronkowski for NFL at Oscars

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 22, 2013

Because you can't always get what you want, Ed Reed will replace Rob Gronkowski as the NFL corespondent working the Oscars red carpet. 

ESPN reports your weekend will have far less Gronk than you thought it would. 

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski's scheduled appearance working the Oscars red carpet for the "Rich Eisen Podcast" has been spiked. 

An NFL spokesman confirmed that Gronkowski, who was initially scheduled for the gig, is out. Ravens safety Ed Reed takes his place.

The report posits the Patriots may have thought that the Academy Awards were a tad too much for their resident party boy and pulled the plug on the cameo. 

Not sure why the Oscars would be the line they didn't want Gronk to cross, but I'll buy it. 

As MassLive.com reported a week ago, Gronkowski was going to work the red carpet for "The Eisen Podcast" with highlights actually airing on Thursday, Feb. 28 at 8:30 p.m. on the NFL Network. 

And now, not so much. 

This isn't to take anything away from Reed, who I rather like. He is always engaging in interviews and will be just fine at the Oscars. 

However, this is Gronk we are talking about. 

He crushed beers with his shirt off, slammed a buddy on the ground with his shirt off and then apologized for it all with a tank top

And that was just the most recent season of Gronk. 

While you sit down in your Sunday best and dive into your culinary delights for this year's Academy Awards, know that it may have been far better. 

The NFL robbed us of a perfect opportunity to keep the Gronk party going.


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