Rob Gronkowski Racked Up $9,600 Bar Bill at Vegas Club, Explains Body Slam

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 13, 2013

Not that we thought Rob Gronkowski was sober when he bodyslammed his fellow bro in Las Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday, but the enormous bar tab does explain a lot. 

Busted Coverage spotted an epic receipt that should be bronzed and given to the Party Hall of Fame. You know, if something like that existed. 

Here is an image of the bill that will have you feeling silly about the $10 mojito you ordered last weekend. 

There is nothing entirely surprising; the amount of Red Bulls ordered is perfectly in keeping with the amount of bros at this particular party. 

As Busted Coverage noted, there is a $700 bottle of Beau Joie on the tab, which is a bottle they claim retails for about $125-135. 

There is a reason you pregame before hitting the club, because bottle service is ridiculous and water in a bottle is going to run you $11. 

In case you were wondering, the report confirms this is the same Super Bowl soiree that featured a leaked video of Gronk bodyslamming his buddy as his crew bro-danced on stage. 

He received some vitriol from fans and media because he is still healing from a broken arm, and was even wearing a cast when he went full WWE. 

Hey, at least he was shirtless... Right?

Now, before any of you get on that high horse you like to bring around, remember that this guy is not hurting for cash, recently signing a six-year $54 million extension

He can make it rain all he wants. 

There is also the heartfelt apology he offered fans in the form of this hilarious "Sorry for Partying" tank top

We forgive you, Gronk. Regardless, you have a new fan in the person who waited on this group, because they got a nice little $1,400 tip that night. 


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