NFL Draft Order 2013: Updated Slots for All Teams Heading into Super Bowl XLVII

Mike Hoag@MikeHoagJrCorrespondent IIJanuary 21, 2013

The 2013 NFL Draft order is almost set after Baltimore and San Francisco advanced to Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday.

It wasn’t easy, for either team, but we’re getting a matchup of two preseason favorites that will be sure to excite. The matchup will pit brothers John and Jim Harbaugh against one another in what has been dubbed the “Har-Bowl.”

This also means Ray Lewis’ career has one final stand left in it, after he announced he would retire at the end of the 2012-13 season.

In the NFC, Atlanta stormed out to an early lead, again, but lost a 17-0 advantage throughout the course of the game and were stymied in the second half. The 49ers kept the seemingly unstoppable Falcons scoreless after halftime and punched their ticket to New Orleans.

Tom Brady and the Patriots fell to a 7-3 deficit in the second quarter but bounced back, scoring 10-straight points to end the half. In the second half, though, it was all Baltimore. The Patriots lost cornerback Aqib Talib to an injury and could not keep up with the bigger and faster receivers of the Ravens.

The Week 15 matchup between the Patriots and 49ers did little to disappoint, but we will not get to see the rematch after Baltimore stunned the Patriots.

For two weeks in a row the Ravens defied the odds, beating both Peyton Manning and Brady, signaling a potential changing of the guard in the AFC.

The loser of Super Bowl XLVII will get the second-to-last pick in April, but both teams would be more than happy to win in New Orleans and round out the first round with the 31st pick.


2013 NFL Draft order

*Indicates pick is still to be determined based on result of Super Bowl

1. Kansas City Chiefs (2-14)

2. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14)

3. Oakland Raiders (4-12)

4. Philadelphia Eagles (4-12)

5. Detroit Lions (4-12)

6. Cleveland Browns (5-11)

7. Arizona Cardinals (5-11)

8. Buffalo Bills (6-10)

9. New York Jets (6-10)

10. Tennessee Titans (6-10)

11. San Diego Chargers (7-9)

12. Miami Dolphins (7-9)

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9)

14. Carolina Panthers (7-9)

15. New Orleans Saints (7-9)

16. St. Louis Rams (7-8-1)

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8)

18. Dallas Cowboys (8-8)

19. New York Giants (9-7)

20. Chicago Bears (10-6)

21. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6)

22. St. Louis Rams (7-8-1) (trade with Washington Redskins)

23. Minnesota Vikings (10-6)

24. Indianapolis Colts (11-5)

25. Seattle Seahawks (11-5)

26. Green Bay Packers (11-5)

27. Houston Texans (12-4)

28. Denver Broncos (13-3)

29. New England Patriots (12-4)

30. Atlanta Falcons (13-3)

31. San Francisco 49ers (11-4-1)*

32. Baltimore Ravens (10-6)*

Draft order updated following Ravens' Super Bowl victory.


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