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Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2009

LUBBOCK, TX - NOVEMBER 08:  Wide receiver Michael Crabtree #5 of the Texas Tech Red Raiders during play against the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Jones AT&T Stadium on November 8, 2008 in Lubbock, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The last time I made a mock draft was before people actually decided whether they would enter the draft.  

I had Sam Bradford going number one, if that tells you how long ago this was.  

I do not consider myself any form of "expert" on the matter, but I think I have a fairly good idea where people will go.  Keep in mind this draft DOES NOT INCLUDE TRADES.


No. 1, Detroit Lions select:  OT Jason Smith (Baylor)

Just about everyone has Matthew Stafford going first.  The Lions are heavily looking into free-agent quarterback, Byron Leftwich.  He has a very strong arm and could benefit from sensation wide-out Calvin Johnson.

If they land Byron, the next feasible move would be a offensive tackle.  The best on the board being Jason Smith.


No. 2, St. Louis Rams select:  WR, Michael Crabtree (Texas Tech)

With Jason Smith off the board at No. 2, they could do one of four things.  They could potentially try to trade down.  They could reach for Eugene Monroe, who just isn't No. 2 worthy.  They could draft Stafford to replace Bulger, or they could take Michael Crabtree.  

Taking Crabtree seems like the best fit.  They just released Torry Holt, and Crabtree could be a good number one for years to come.


No. 3, Kansas City Chiefs select:  DE, Brian Orakpo (Texas)

I know it seems unlikely that they take Orakpo over Curry, but let me tell you who their defensive ends are.  Turk McBride and Alphonso Boone.  


Orakpo has the fastest rising stock, being ranking by Scouts Inc. as the fourth best prospect in the draft.  Orakpo is a day-one starter and will instantly make their pass-rushing better.


No. 4, Seattle Seahawks select:  LB, Aaron Curry (Wake Forrest)

With LeRoy Hill and Lofa Tatupa already on roster, the Seahawks would jump at the chance to complete their line-backing core.

Simply put, they'd have to be trying to piss off there fans if they didn't take Curry here at four.


No. 5, Cleveland Browns select:  DE/LB, Aaron Maybin (Penn State)

Cleveland desperately needs two things. A No. 1 cornerback, and a 3-4 linebacker to replace the 37 year old Willie McGuiness.

Aaron Maybin is a great 3-4 linebacker and the Browns should be thrilled to have him.


No. 6, Cincinatti Bengals select:  OT, Eugene Monroe (Virginia)

At six, the Bengals will be faced with the decision to take either Monroe or Raji.  They could opt to take the defensive tackle, but personally I think they value offence more then their defence.  

A new left tackle could be good for the always-hurt franchise quarterback too.


No. 7, Oakland Raiders select:   CB/S Malcomb Jenkins (Ohio State)

Everyone says Al Davis will take wide-out Jeremy Maclin, but I just don't see it happening.

With former No. 7 pick Michael Huff being a disappointment, I see Mr. Davis pulling the trigger to select former corner Malcomb Jenkins, who could honestly form into one of the best free-safetys in the league.  He's a ball-hawk, but he's a tad slow.  Oakland would get alot of benefit from drafting Jenkins.


No. 8, Jacksonville Jaguars select:  WR, Jeremy Maclin (Missouri)

With arguably the worst receiving core going into next year, the Jaguars have to take Maclin.  He's not going to be a No. 1, but he is still a huge improvement on anything they have.

Maclin will probably be considered a bust to most people, but I think he'll do his job well.

Maclin will probably be a No. 2 wide receiver, or possibly a slot receiver as his career moves on.


No. 9, Green Bay Packers select:  DT, B.J. Raji (Boston College)

When Ryan Pickett is your teams best defensive tackle, you have a problem.  Raji is high risk high reward, and I think the Packers will roll the dice.  

If Raji pans out he could potentially be one of the best players from the draft, and maybe even the best.  Just don't count on it.


No. 10, San Fransisco 49ers select:  QB, Matthew Stafford (Georgia)

I know this may seem very unlikely, as the 49ers seem not to want a QB, but with Stafford on the board and nothing they truly need left, they'll be forced to take him.  He'll be a nice improvement on J. T. O'Sullivan and Shaun Hill.


No. 11, Buffalo Bills select:   TE, Brandon Pettigrew (Oklahoma St)

The Bills basically have a bunch of drunk bar-hops playing tight-end...or at least that's what it seems like.  Pettigrew can come in and help the entire offense instantly.


No. 12, Denver Broncos select:  OLB, Clay Matthews (USC)

The Broncos need someone who can get to the QB.  If your team leader in sacks has five, you need new pass-rushers.  Matthews can help the line-backing core, and might develop into a solid pass-rusher.


No. 13, Washington Redskins select:  OT, Michael Oher (Ole Miss)

With arguably the worst off-season ever, Andre Smith has slipped from the No. 1 tackle on the board to possibly the fifth behind Oher and Eben Britton.  

The Redskins have two very old tackles and they need to draft new ones to eventually replace there aging line.  Oher seems like a good fit.


No. 14, New Orleans Saints select:  OLB, Brian Cushing (USC)

With Matthews off the board, the Saints have to reach for Cushing.  They NEED a OLB, and it is their only really pressing need outside of a runningback.  Unless they get up the courage to pull the trigger on Moreno, Cushing will go way to early.


No. 15, Houston Texans select:  DE, Robert Ayers (Tennessee)

With needs at just about every position on defence that isn't being played by Demeco Ryans or Mario Williams, the Texans will take the best player available.  Ayers becomes the new DE in Houston and spells Mario Williams.  

That's scary.


No. 16, San Diego Chargers select:  OT, Andre Smith (Alabama)

San Diego doesn't really have any pressing team needs.  They could potentially move either Marcus McNeil or Andre Smith to right tackle, and they'd be set for years to come.


No. 17, Jets select:  QB, Mark Sanchez (USC)

This pick ultimately comes down to either CB or QB.  With Vontae Davis being the best corner available, the J.E.T.S Jets will take Mark Sanchez. They might shock the world and take Josh Freeman, but as of now I have to say Sanchez is the best bet.


No. 18, Bears select:  DE, Everette Brown (Florida State)

When one Brown leaves, another one shall come.  The Bears need everything.  Their defense isn't what it used to be and they really need to rebuild everything.  

The other choice here is Hakeem Nicks, but with such a good DE left, the Bears will make the right decision and take Brown.


No. 19, Tampa Bay Buccaneers select:  QB, Josh Freeman (Kansas St)

With Josh Johnson being their apparent signal caller, this choice seems obvious.


No. 20, Detroit Lions select:  ILB, Rey Maualuga (USC)

The three most obvious choices are Maualuga, T. Jackson, or Jerry.  The Lions will be happy to take any of them, as they truly could use any position, but Maualuga is just too good to pass up.  


No. 21, Philladelphia Eagles select:  RB, Knowshon Moreno (Georgia)

Phillie needs someone to replace the hole Buckhulter left in that running corp.  

Westbrook is never going to be a 16-game RB, and Moreno could be very useful for the Eagles.


No. 22, Minnesota Vikings select:  OT, Eben Britton (Arizona)

To complete their offence, they need a right tackle.  This is an obvious choice.


No. 23, New England Patriots select:  ILB, James Lauranitis (Ohio State)

The Patriots need an inside linebacker to pair with Jerod Mayo.  With Maualuga off the board Lauranitis gets a dream job.


No. 24, Atlanta Falcons select:  DT, Peria Jerry (Ole Miss)

The Falcons desperately need two outside linebackers, a new DT, and a new CB to replace starters who were lost in free-agency.  With no real line-backing prospects, they'll have to choose between Peria Jerry at DT and Vontae Davis at CB.  Generally, corner is a much deeper position in the draft, so they'll take Jerry here.


No. 25, Miami Dolphins select:  CB, Vontae Davis (Illinois)

Needing to improve their secondary, the Dolphins will take Davis.  

Davis will probably start from day one.


No. 26, Baltimore Ravens select:  CB, Darius Butler (UConn)

Baltimore desperately needs a CB, and since Vontae Davis just went, they'll take the next available player.  Butler has very high potential. With the proper work, Darius Butler could become a number one corner.


No. 27, Indianapolis Colts select: ? Percy Harvin (Florida)

The question mark is on purpose.  What position is this guy?  Wide-out?  Running back?

Well in all seriousness, with no DT's left worth a first round pick, the Colts will take the most hyped WR on the board.  Don't expect much.


No. 28, Philladelphia Eagles select: CB, D.J. Moore (Vandy)

Three key players in the secondary left Philly this off-season.  D.J. Moore is a solid corner and will help right out of the box.


No. 29, New York Giants select:  OT, William Beatty (UConn)

The Giants need LT so David Diehl can move back to right.  They'll take Beatty here and hope he develops into a solid starter.


No. 30, Tennessee Titans select:  WR, Hakeem Nicks (N. Carolina)

The only teams that need a wide receiver more than the Titans are the Jags and the Raiders.  Nicks is a good prospect for the NFL.  He'll be on the Titan's sideline running routes for years to come.


No. 31, Arizona Cardinals select:  DE Tyson Jackson (LSU)

The "free-fall" player there is in every draft.  Killed by the depth at DE, Tyson Jackson will slip ALL the way to 31.  Even though he is a top 15 prospect.


No. 32, Pittsburgh Steelers select:  G, Duke Robinson (Oklahoma)

The only flaw (Other than being old) on the Steelers is there often injured offensive line.

Robinson is a good choice here.


Notable players un-drafted through round one:  Chris Wells, Donald Brown, Louis Delmas, Derrius Heyward-Bey.


Please comment and rate.  I enjoy reading criticism, so go wild.




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