NY Jets Fan Failing to Rip and Burn Mark Sanchez Jersey Is Comedy Perfection

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 18, 2012

The New York Jets were far funnier this season than in recent years. 

That sentiment is usually befitting of a comedy troupe or the stylings of a stand-up comedian. However, this team that was once in your face about their Super Bowl aspirations has slowly devolved into a slapstick skit with butt-fumbling on one end and this video on the other. 

Even their fans fail in their misery. 

The video was spotted by SportsGrid and features a Jets fan who is also a Mets fan—someone get this guy a winning team—failing to rip or burn a Mark Sanchez jersey he is hoping to rip and burn. 

Be warned, NSFW language is peppered in throughout the hilarity

The Jets were unceremoniously knocked out of the playoffs on Monday night in a loss to the Titans, 14-10. 

During the game, the man who once butt-fumbled, Mark Sanchez, threw 4 picks and passed for only 131 yards on the night. 

When Rex Ryan has seen enough and will start Greg McElroy in the next game, you can bet the fans are pretty much over Sanchize. 

So now you have the context behind this video of a fan losing his cool and attempting to destroy a jersey he once paid good money to buy. 

The best part is that he fails. 

He pretty much runs into a stumbling block, much like his team, when he fails to rip the jersey to shreds. Then we get a shot of his Mets shirt lying underneath, which is like going to see a Richard Kelly double feature. 

In the end, he fails to burn the jersey, settling for a small part of the fabric being lit before he ends with, "There it is: the burning of the Sanchez jersey."

Far be it from me to tell him that jerseys would not be all that popular if they just went up in flames quickly. 

I would also refrain from discouraging his future purchase of a Greg McElroy jersey, one he will probably end up burning five years from now, because we would love to see that video too. 

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