Tim Tebow TiVo Commercials Released with Unintentional Hilarity

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 7, 2012

For some reason, TiVo is still a thing and Tim Tebow is its spokesman. Well, when he manages to get a word in. 

The device that was popular a decade ago has finally pushed out a few commercials with some guy who played a year ago. 

Tim Tebow has been peppered into the Jets offense this season and has recently been sidelined during what would have been the perfect time to usurp Mark Sanchez in the huddle.

Some guys have no luck. 

With injury keeping him down on the depth chart, the biggest news are these commercials for a remarkable device that records TV shows, and isn't the DVR you already own. 

First up is this wonderful little ditty where two kids pretty much do all the talking with Tebow doing all the smiling. 

It seems mommy enjoys watching Tebow stand on the sidelines, looking flummoxed for four quarters, but in slow motion. Mommy has some very specific tastes. 

The next actually makes a very slight diss at Tebow's passing, which he takes in stride. Big ups to the man's sense of humor. 

The third commercial, called "finger quotes," is probably the worst—that is until Tebow smiles at the end, which completely disarmed me and had me ordering three of these magical TiVo boxes immediately.  

If you wanted to have a viral marketing campaign, all you had to do was record Tebow taking his shirt off while running in the rain and at the end—he would completely explode into a thunderstorm of confetti with a TiVo device on the ground. Tagline: TiVo will blow your mind. 

That one is free, folks. 

The country went mad debating Tebow with his shirt off at the start of the season, making his current lot in the NFL as a back-up model. Or is it model back-up? I can't be sure. 

We said this before when we reported on TiVo making Tebow the ambassador for a device that enjoyed its pinnacle of popularity last decade: the two make sense together. 

TiVo is a past-its-prime brand and Tebow enjoyed the height of his popularity months ago in Denver. Hell, you can just go ahead and call him Tim TiVo from here on out, because the man who stole the nation's heart a year ago is making commercials. 

And they are sublime. 

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