Atlanta Falcons Perfect While Living on Knife's Edge

Frank SpartiCorrespondent IIOctober 18, 2012

Matt Ryan is not affraid of tight coverage
Matt Ryan is not affraid of tight coverageDaniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

The Atlanta Falcon's are who we think they are and probably better.

Going into the bye week, the Falcons will get rested and reset their determination to improve. Sometimes it just takes a little time to step back and evaluate some of the perplexing things that have transpired at the start of the season.

Matt Ryan went from looking scary-perfect, to throwing three interceptions in one game against the Oakland Raiders. Believe it or not, this doesn't worry me a bit.

After being a bit surprised by Ryan telling the Carolina Panthers to "get the f*** off our field," I thought maybe his attitude wasn't as politically correct as he seems in every interview.

Then, after watching Ryan throw passes in extremely tight spaces against the Raiders, it occurred to me that he just doesn't respect some opponents.

This lack of respect is likely a necessary element at high levels of competition. He must not be willing to concede anything to an opponent.

However, this same lack of respect for some teams turns to genuine respect when he faces others.

Take this attitude and spread it around the Falcons locker room and the apparently uneven performances start to make perfect sense.

The Atlanta Falcons are a classic example of a team playing to the level of it's competition.

Against the Chiefs, Broncos and Chargers the Falcons looked great, while giving the feeling that they could be even better.

In the games against the Panthers, Redskins and the Raiders, the Falcons showed little respect and spent time making up for this risky attitude.

In the NFL, any team can beat any other team given the right circumstances.

All professional football players are the best of the best. None should be taken lightly, but egos and attitudes seem to go hand in hand with exceptionally talented professionals.

Living on the knife's edge is where greatness occurs. In my opinion, we have not seen how amazing the Falcons can be.

I think they would deny saving anything for the playoffs, but I do think they are aiming to peak at the right time.