Jets Owner Woody Johnson Asked Ridiculous Question on Tebow's Virginity on CNBC

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Jets Owner Woody Johnson Asked Ridiculous Question on Tebow's Virginity on CNBC
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Woody Johnson was asked a question so silly, so useless, you know it revolved around Tim Tebow and his sex life. 

Or lack thereof. 

The Jets owner was on CNBC to discuss important things pertaining to his franchise. That meant grown adults had to act like school girls, itching to hear some juicy gossip in the form of Tebow's status as a virgin. 

Opposing Views has the video of Johnson actually being asked whether Tebow was still a virgin, as if this was something normal for employers to know. 

Anyone else's bosses having weekly meetings to discuss your latest sexual romps?

Johnson was on CNBC's Squawk Box to talk Jets, so I blame him for not coming prepared with knowledge of Tim Tebow and all the sex he isn't having. 

The awful part comes when host Richard LeFrak poses the question, "Do you know ... is he still a virgin?" Only he forgot to include, "We totes won't tell. Pinkie swears!"

Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

TMZ transcribes the other questions that come down like gossip-laced rain on the man wearing a suit who happens to own an NFL team. 

Another host added, "Inquiring minds want to know." Someone else says, "We ask the tough questions."

Johnson replied, "We don't really go into that."

Tebow is an amazing man. He has managed to make millions believing he can quarterback while also turning hosts of business programs into bumbling idiots. 

Trading for Tebow welcomed a soap opera to the New York Jets that threatened to devolve the organization into ridiculous shambles. 

Well, the ridiculous part is holding true, and the shambles are not that far off. 

Mr. Johnson, can you tell us, what's Mark Sanchez like as a boyfriend? Is he tender and kind? What about Rex Ryan; does he cuddle? He looks like a cuddler.

Tim Tebow is the only backup in sports to garner starter interest, and the Jets traded for him. 

They traded for the right to answer Tebow-virgin questions, and hooray for that.

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