SF Giants' Bruce Bochy Shows Solidarity and Dons 49ers Hat for Alex Smith

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SF Giants' Bruce Bochy Shows Solidarity and Dons 49ers Hat for Alex Smith

Bruce Bochy is one cool dude. 

The San Francisco Giants skipper is taking Hatgate one step further by wearing a 49ers hat to a dugout press conference. 

Normally, a manager wearing a hat isn't all that riveting, even if it's the hat of a team that plays in a different league than he coaches. 

But recent news hasn't been all that normal. 

As Deadspin reported on Thursday, 49ers quarterback Alex Smith got in to a bit of trouble for his habit of wearing a Giants hat after games. The NFL has warned him they will fine him $15,000 if he does that again. 

Larry Brown Sports spotted this video of Bochy donning his fellow San Francisco franchise by wearing a 49ers cap. He doesn't sound too worried about a similar fine coming from MLB officials; when asked about being fined, he stated: 

I don’t think so. I hope not. We're having some fun with this. This is what it's about. Sometimes we take things a little too serious, I think. (Smith) comes out here and supports us and we do appreciate it so this is our way of saying thanks.

It's all fun and games until someone gets a $15,000 fine. Kudos to Bochy for putting this silly hat fiasco into perspective. 

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