1. Bruce Bochy with the double-switch in the bottom of the 14th. Yusmeiro Petit coming in, Maxwell to right.

  2. Bruce Bochy is spending the commercial break yelling at home plate ump Mike Winters.

  3. Pretty darned cool: Don Newcombe, a genuine legend, asked to speak privately with manager Bruce Bochy #SFGiants

  4. Though Joe Panik's off the DL, manager Bruce Bochy said that his playing time will be regulated to prevent relapse of back woes #sfgiants

  5. Wanting to break string of LH hitters in original order (Belt, Blanco, Noonan 5-6-7), SF manager Bruce Bochy elevated Belt to 4th; Byrd 5th

  6. Gregor Blanco told Bruce Bochy that he thinks his concussion resulted from sliding into 2B and colliding with an INF's knee #SFGiants

  7. Brett Bochy gets the ninth. Even in a 9-1 game, Bruce will be nervous.

  8. Crowd was booing Bruce Bochy for going out to pull his son, now is chanting "Bo-chy" for Brett. September!

  9. Bruce Bochy wrote a book about walking. @Every6thDay reviews it sitting down. http://t.co/1ZQJT6xVGp http://t.co/a2GwdmEFE8

  10. Giants manager Bruce Bochy said RF Hunter Pence is taking "dry swings." Best hope, Bochy said, is for Pence to return for last homestand

  11. Bruce Bochy and Chip Hale take the pledge -- ✋ #ItCanWait @att #SFGiants http://t.co/CE0jG8cnwt

  12. Bruce Bochy says catcher Andrew Susac had wrist surgery and should be ready to go by spring training.

  13. "We’re still alive. You never know."--Bruce Bochy @SFGiants

  14. Bruce Bochy on the return of Kevin Frandsen and the team's latest concussion case: http://t.co/9tVt85ZWx2 via @sfchronicle #sfgiants

  15. Bruce Bochy used nine pitchers in three innings last night http://t.co/xHl9YBeIBw

  16. Bruce Bochy made this 11-year-old girl"s day by letting her sit in on the pregame media briefing http://t.co/oDEQGuS4E5

  17. Pat Murphy -- apparently jealous that Bruce Bochy got so much camera time last night -- just called for his fifth reliever.

  18. Bruce Bochy managed Tony Gwynn and Barry Bonds. Bruce Bochy said Jarrett Parker's offensive performance was the best he has ever seen.

  19. Bruce Bochy on Jarrett Parker: "He looks like The Natural the way he’s swinging the bat." He didn't say a natural. he said The Natural.

  20. The best offensive game Bruce Bochy has ever seen came from a kid who wasn't supposed to be here this month: http://t.co/y39I2mg6Oe

  21. Bruce Bochy says Tim Hudson will probably get another start, the final one of his career, after yesterday's rough outing.

  22. What a joker: Giants manager Bruce Bochy initially gave bench coach Ron Wotus a lineup that did not include Jarrett Parker.

  23. #SFGiants beat: Bruce Bochy on the odd thing about odd-year injuries: http://t.co/8lOcWDsxVu via @sfchronicle

  24. Coming up on our show today guests include: Jose Bautista #BlueJays; Buck Showalter #Orioles; Brad Ausmus #Tigers & Bruce Bochy #Giants XM89

  25. A tie between Bruce Bochy and Dave Righetti https://t.co/ZWeRUVrYLa

  26. Bruce Bochy is doing Santiago Casilla a solid. Needs two games finished to vest $6.5 million option. He needs one mop-up out to get halfway.

  27. Matt Cain will start Sunday for Giants, manager Bruce Bochy announced

  28. Madison Bumgarner is pinch hitting. Bruce Bochy wasn't funning with us the other day. Crowd is going nuts.

  29. “Those At-Bats, they were awful…I’m amazed he got 3 hits. I don’t know how he got that” Bruce Bochy #ThanksAffeldt

  30. "Good luck Larisa...he's all yours now." --Bruce Bochy #ThanksAffeldt #SFGiants http://t.co/ddqzrgZD5K

  31. Bruce Bochy getting real during emotional pregame ceremony for Jeremy Affeldt: "Those at-bats, those were awful."

  32. “Bruce Bochy, you are one of the greatest leaders of men that I’ve ever met” #ThanksAffeldt

  33. "We hung in there until September 29th." --Bruce Bochy http://t.co/SEKz6q6v5y

  34. "It's not like we have to do a lot. Our core guys are right here," -- Bruce Bochy. Did say rotation needs addressing.

  35. “I’m most proud of how we hung in there until Sept. 29th. They never made any excuses and gave their best effort” - Bruce Bochy

  36. Bruce Bochy: "Our core guys are here. We just missed them for most of the season."

  37. Bruce Bochy was "giddily incredulous" with how Matt Williams handled his bullpen: http://t.co/2NnurfDobT

  38. It's no World Series, but Bruce Bochy still impressed by #SFGiants in 2015: http://t.co/1mEfEyU2dT http://t.co/jnsszBV2YT

  39. Cubs once led an elimination game 3-0 with an impenetrable ace on the mound. Tim Flannery, Bruce Bochy know how that turned out. #1984NLCS