New York Post Manages to Clown NY Jets Ahead of Assumed Awful Season

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 4, 2012

Photo Credit: NY Post (via Newseum)
Photo Credit: NY Post (via Newseum)

New York Jets fans may want to avert their eyes from their favorite team this season. They may also want to ignore the latest issue of the NY Post while they're at it. 

The newspaper managed to get in quite the hilarious dig at the lackluster gang green ahead of Week 1 in the NFL

Here is the front page, via Newseum


It's all part of the paper's season preview blowout, but you can pretty much guess where they are going with their copy based solely on this priceless picture. 

While the Giants parade around in a swanky car, raising their Lombardi trophies, the New York Jets contingent of Rex Ryan, Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez are busy riding around in a clown car. 

Come on, even Jets fans have to agree that this is pretty much spot on when you consider the preseason has been much more fumbling and bumbling than we all thought it would be. 

Rex Ryan continues to drive the clown car that is a look-at-me franchise hoping their big gamble on a two-quarterback system, of sorts, works out. 

The Jets have been slow to show their hand as it comes to Tim Tebow and how he will be used in the offense, leading to some horrible offensive showings this preseason. 

In fact, the Jets failed to score a single TD in the four warm-up games until third-stringer Greg McElroy tossed one in the fourth and final game. 

While the Post picture is wild and hilarious, the preview is a tad more measured. 

The Jets are counting on an offensive overhaul. The team jettisoned offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, replacing him with Tony Sparano. Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum then made the stunning trade in March for Tim Tebow, whose exact role remains a mystery waiting to be revealed in the regular season.

This team is entering the season as a complete laughing stock. Really, it's up to them to change that sentiment for the better. 

Let's hope this clown car moves forward. 

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