Fantasy Football 2012: Waiver Wire Adds at Every Position for NFL Week 1

Professor BushCorrespondent IIISeptember 5, 2012

Fantasy Football 2012: Waiver Wire Adds at Every Position for NFL Week 1

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    It's time to do a little tune up of your roster before the fantasy football season starts this week.  Maybe one of your players saw a down grade on his team's depth chart after your draft. Maybe you are a little thin at one position. In either case, a quick trip to the waiver wire might help you.

    So for all positions except kicker, I have a few suggestions for you to check out.

    All of the players identified are available in at least 45 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

Wide Receivers

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    If you need help at WR, there are quite a few widely available players you could pick up off waivers. The percent availability that I show in the following table is the percent of Yahoo! leagues where the player is not on a roster.

    Name Team % Available
    James Jones Packers     78
    David Nelson  Bills     91
    Steve Breaston  Chiefs     95
    Danny Amendola    Rams     60
    Devin Hester  Bears     84

    If you play in a league where return yardage counts, Danny Amendola and Devin Hester deserve a look. Amendola might have been over looked in your draft because he missed last season. Take a look at his 2010 numbers and you might just rush to pick him up.

    Both Nelson and Breaston had 61 receptions last season. Both of them play for teams that could find themselves playing from behind frequently this season, increasing the passing game.

    In the case of Jones, anyone who has Aaron Rodgers throwing to him merits consideration.

    Hester's return yardage can be an extra bonus.

Running Backs

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    The waiver wire for running backs is not as rich as it is for wide receivers. But there are still a few players that you might want to examine.

    Name Team % Available
    Kendall Hunter    49ers       80
    Taiwan Jones   Raiders       95
    Isaiah Pead   Rams       81

    Kendall Hunter had 668 yards from scrimmage last year. He is the handcuff for the fragile Frank Gore. He should not be on the waiver wire.

    Isaiah Pead is second on the running back depth chart for the Rams. But maybe even more important, he could be the team's primary kick and punt returner, which is key if your league gives points for return yards. In doing research for this article, I noticed Pead was available in one of my leagues, so I grabbed him.

    Darren McFadden missed the last nine games of the 2011 season with a foot sprain. In the three seasons before that, he missed 10 of 48 games due to toe, knee and hamstring issues. Taiwan Jones is the handcuff. Enough said.

Tight Ends

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    The tight end ranks are pretty thin to start. Trying to pick a good one off waivers is not much easier. I did find two that should be on a roster. I always like to have the tight end on a team with an inexperienced quarterback. Sometimes the short passes to the tight end are just the security blanket that is needed.

    In the case of Coby Fleener, since he played with Andrew Luck in college, we should expect an even stronger bond between the two players.

    Name Team % Available
    Coby Fleener   Colts        49
    Kyle Rudolph   Vikings        66


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    If you have Michael Vick, but haven't taken Nick Foles as the handcuff, you shouldn't be playing fantasy football.

    Alex Smith is an interesting situation. He has two new receivers this year in Mario Manningham and Randy Moss. And he only threw five interceptions last year. So if your league penalizes interceptions, he might be a better value than a gunslinger like Ben Roethlisberger, who should have more touchdowns but also many more interceptions.

    Russell Wilson might have been overlooked in your draft because the Seahawks recently announced him as their starting quarterback over Matt Flynn.

         Name Team % Available
      Nick Foles  Eagles       98
      Russell Wilson  Seahawks       62
      Alex Smith   49ers       55

Individual Defensive Players

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    If your league counts return yardage, there are two IDP's that you might want to examine.

        Name Team % Available
    Javier Arenas  Chiefs       46
    Brandon Boykin  Eagles       99

    Each of these players might play a modest amount of time in nickel coverage as well as serving as their team's primary kick returner. Look at these typical games:

         Stat Quantity Fantasy Points
    Return Yards     80        4
    Solo Tackles      2        3
    Pass Defend      1        1
      Total          8

    That's a pretty good base contribution for an IDP. Arenas has a history of racking up return yardage but Boykin is a rookie who showed promise in the preseason.