Fantasy Football 2012 Mock Draft Results: 6th Round, Standard Leagues

Sean E. DouglasSenior Writer IIIAugust 26, 2012

It's Hillis Time!!
It's Hillis Time!!Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

Maybe you were burned by Peyton Hillis last year, but it’s time to put your resentment aside and bring him back on your team. Going in the sixth round, Hillis is a value pick, and the Chiefs' run-heavy offense is capable of supporting two RB2-level fantasy backs.


61. Antonio Gates (ADP 5.04)

Gates is recovered from his foot ailment and looks like the player we used to know. Still a dominant option in the passing game, Gates will be one of the top three producers at this position.


62. Dwayne Bowe (ADP 6.08)

Back in camp, Bowe has to learn a new offense, but he should have enough time to pick things up. Look for the talented veteran to deliver WR2-type numbers in an all-important contract year.


63. Willis McGahee (ADP 5.10)

McGahee is worthy of taking in this range, but I’m probably going to pass on him for one of the Broncos' receiving options, mainly because I like to spread my teams out and not have too many starters from the same squad.

That said, rookie running back Ronnie Hillman has had a hard time staying on the field through training camp and isn’t likely to make a dent into McGahee’s workload early on. This is a good sign, and the veteran should see a decent amount of work through the first half of the season.


64. Eli Manning (ADP 7.04)

With Michael Vick, Tony Romo, Philip Rivers and Peyton Manning all having there problems this preseason, Eli is looking better each week. Hakeem Nicks is back and hasn’t suffered a setback (knock on wood) to his foot injury.

Expect good things from the two-time Super Bowl champ.


65. Jeremy Maclin (ADP 6.06)

I like Maclin, but if Vick can’t stay on the field, he’s not going to do much. Maclin has had his own health problems in the past, so perhaps it’s best to view him as your WR3 option. Still a respectable value in the sixth round of 10-team leagues.


66. Michael Vick (ADP 5.02)

Vick will fall in the coming week, as another injury did nothing to encourage us he’s ready for a big season. The Eagles' veteran quarterback is still up to his old ways and hasn’t figured out how to minimize his exposure to injury.

He won’t last a full 16 games, but this really shouldn’t be news to us, as he’s always struggled to stay on the field with this style of play.


67. Peyton Hillis (ADP 6.05)

Great pick at this point in the draft, and if you land Hillis as a sixth round, consider yourself fortunate. Even in a standard league, I have no problem if you move up another round and take him in the fifth.


68. Eric Decker (ADP 6.07)

While I believe Peyton Manning is a QB2 this year, Decker and Thomas should be just fine as WR2 options. Look for Decker to lead the team in catches, and he should provide you with consistent production.


69. Cedric Benson (ADP 8.08)

Not a fan of Benson going this high in any draft. The Packers will remain a pass-heavy offense, and they will probably mix in Alex Green as the season moves along. On second thought, if Green comes along during the season, he could overtake Benson altogether.

It is encouraging to see his performance against the Bengals in Week 3, but let's temper our optimism. The Packers will remain a pass-heavy offense, and Benson is more of a momentum runner who needs the football more than 20 times to be an effective fantasy starter.

Yes, he will be helped by defenses backing off the run because of Rodgers, but don't look to him as a starter on draft day. If he should earn that role on your team as the season moves along then great, just don't buy into the preseason talk.


70. DeSean Jackson (ADP 6.08)

Jackson looks good, and it appears he actually wants to play football this year. While I liked Maclin earlier in the summer, I think Jackson may be a better pick in standard and performance leagues of the two.

ADP comes courtesy of Fantasy Football Calculator.

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