NFL Mock Draft 2009: Round One, 1-16

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2009

This is the top 16 picks in the NFL draft.  The second half of round one will be posted sometime next week.


No. 1: Detroit Lions select QB, Matthew Stafford -- Georgia

The problem with taking a tackle at number one is that the fans in Detroit won't be happy.  With up to six possible tackles being taken in the first round, and another pick later, it would be career suicide not to take Stafford.


No. 2:  St. Louis Rams select OT, Jason Smith -- Baylor

The Rams have wanted a premiere tackle for two years,  They got beat to Jake Long, and Andre Smith removed himself from the top ten.  Jason Smith will fill the hole Orlando Pace leaves behind.


No. 3:  Kansas City Chiefs select:  LB, Aaron Curry -- Wake Forrest

After trading away one of the best Defensive Ends in the league, Jared Allen, the Chiefs have barely even touched the opposing Quarterback. Curry is the best player available in the entire draft. I actually expect someone to move up to take him at two.


No. 4:  Seattle Seahawks select: OT, Eugene Monroe -- Virginia

Walter Jones, the starting left tackle for the Seahawks is 35. They could hold off and get one next year, but I doubt they'll be in a position to get someone like Eugene Monroe.


No. 5: Cleveland Browns select:  DT, B.J. Raji -- Boston College

With Shaun Rogers wanting out; there is a serious hole at NT for the Browns.  Raji will be a good fit for Cleveland.


No. 6:  Cincinatti Bengals select:  DE/LB, Brian Orakpo -- Texas

Cincinnati is awful on the defensive side of the ball. They need the best player they can get, and that will be Orakpo.


No. 7: Oakland Raiders select:  WR, Michael Crabtree -- Texas Tech

With Crabtree left, Al Davis won't hesitate taking a play-making receiver at seven. He'll be a great target for young JaMarcus Russell.


No. 8:  Jacksonville Jaguars select: WR, Jeremy Maclin -- Missouri

The Jaguars need a new receiver.  The may need a Left Tackle more, but I doubt they'll risk it on Andre Smith.  He's too big of a risk at this point.


No. 9:  Green Bay Packers select:  LB/DE, Aaron Maybin -- Penn State

With Green Bay switching to the 3-4, they need new linebackers and DE's.  Maybin is a hybrid similar to LaMaar Woodley.  Expect him to play Linebacker, rather than end, though.


No. 10:  San Fransisco 49ers select, QB, Mark Sanchez -- USC

San Fransisco will be incredibly happy if somehow Sanchez slips to them.  I expect the Jets to trade up to make a move for him, but if no change in order happens, The 49ers can't pass on Mark Sanchez.


No. 11:  Buffalo Bills select, TE, Brandon Pettigrew -- Oklahoma State

The Bills desperately need a Tight-end. This may be a pick where the Bills trade down.


No. 12: Denver Broncos select, DE, Everette Brown -- Florida State

Denver may look to take corner, Vontae Davis, but they have issues at DE as well.  It comes down to Everette Brown being higher value than Vontae Davis at the 12th selection.


No. 13: Washington Redskins select: OT, Andre Smith -- Alabama

Washington will take a solid tackle at No. 13. Smith will be a great replacement for Samuels or Janson when they choose to call it quits.


No. 14: New Orleans Saints select, CB, Vontae Davis -- Illinois

New Orleans is desperate for another corner.  Vontae Davis had emerged as the top corner in the draft, and New Orleans will make the decision to take him here.


No. 15:  Houston Texans select, FS, Malcomb Jenkins -- Ohio State

Houston is in need of a new entire secondary. Malcomb Jenkins is a solid corner, but may lack the speed needed to stay at that position in the NFL.  If he's on the board, the Texans will take him.


No. 16: San Diego Chargers select, RB, Chris Beanie Wells -- Ohio State

I think we'll see the end of the Tomlinson/Chargers era. If that happens the Chargers will need someone to spell with Sproles. Beanie Wells is a great fit in San Diego.


Look for part two next week!