Maurice Jones-Drew: 8 NFL Teams That Should Trade for MJD

Matt BowenAnalyst IIAugust 21, 2012

Maurice Jones-Drew: 8 NFL Teams That Should Trade for MJD

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    The situation between Maurice Jones-Drew and the Jacksonville Jaguars took a turn for the worst on August 21. 

    The comments made by Jags owner Shad Khan may have doomed their chances at MJD ending his holdout and returning to the only franchise he's ever played with.

    Khan recently was quoted as telling MJD publicly, "Train's leaving the station. Run, get on it." MJD responded by stating he's open to being traded, which has the interest of every NFL fan known to man.

    The new Jags owner will eventually regret his statement, as his team may average less than 10 points per game this season without their star.

    Being that the Jones-Drew is the reigning NFL rushing champion, the asking price will be high, but teams on the brink of greatness will be willing to push the envelope and go all-in for the 27-year-old human cannon ball. 

    So which teams should go after MJD the hardest? Let's find out. 

The Extra Point: Indianapolis Colts

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    There's no doubt that the Indianapolis Colts will try to add MJD to their roster.

    Too bad for them the Jacksonville Jaguars are their AFC South enemies. 

    The Jags may not be the wisest team to push a guy like MJD away, but they're not that dumb to trade him within the division. Having the running back absolutely terrorize them for the next handful of seasons doesn't sound like the best move. 

    Still, think of how good quarterback Andrew Luck would be with the assurance of MJD behind him. Wow!

Washington Redskins

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    Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan has long been in love with young running backs, but his team desperately needs a veteran stud like Maurice Jones-Drew in its backfield. 

    The only problem is that the Redskins already sold the farm to take quarterback Robert Griffin III with the No. 2 overall pick in April.

    It sounds like a match made in heaven, but the 'Skins don't have much to offer. 

New England Patriots

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    Fans should never count Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots out of the upcoming Maurice Jones-Drew bidding war. 

    The Patriots are already a Super Bowl-caliber team that could use an established running back. Think of the confusion MJD would cause opposing defenses with Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski also to worry about.

    The Patriots have been known to swindle teams out of their best players before; why wouldn't they be able to do it again? 

    Don't cross them off the list until the ink is dry.

Green Bay Packers

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    The Green Bay Packers already have the best quarterback in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers. Why not add the best running back?

    Yes, the Packers have recently signed Cedric Benson to carry the ball in Green Bay, but there is no contest when it comes to who is the better of the two running backs.

    The NFC North is one of the toughest divisions in the entire league, and the Packers need to send a message to their most hated rivals that they own the "Black and Blue."

    MJD to the Packers would almost make the season boring because everyone already knows how it would end. 

Cincinnati Bengals

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    The Cincinnati Bengals are an up-and-coming team who look to return to the playoffs after their surprise trip last season. Trading for Maurice Jones-Drew would solidify their chances to be a Super Bowl contender for years to come. 

    Sure, they signed running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis in the offseason to take the rock from sophomore quarterback Andy Dalton, but it's a proven fact that no team in the NFL can ever have enough depth at running back. 

    While there may be some debate over which back would get the ball in the red zone, who cares? The two men have combined for 37 touchdowns the past two seasons. 

    There's too little dependable talent at running back behind Green-Ellis for the Bengals not to entertain the thought of becoming players in the MJD lottery. 

    Plus, just imagine announcers trying to spit out Green-Ellis/Jones-Drew for three hours every Sunday. 

Dallas Cowboys

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    Jerry Jones has made it no secret that his Dallas Cowboys "disappointed" him last season. Without a deep run in the playoffs this season Jones may choose to implode the team and start from scratch. 

    He's one of the best owners in sports history because he'll do anything for his 'Boys. This means that his organization will likely be major contenders for Jones-Drew.

    It's safe to say that Felix Jones hasn't met expectations at running back, and it's not guaranteed that second-year rusher DeMarco Murray will flourish after beginning his career with a bang last season before injury.

    Jones wants to taste victory again and will do everything within his power to land MJD. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers' ability to run the ball is in question to begin the 2012 NFL season, and obtaining MJD would put them in the Super Bowl conversation once again. 

    No. 1 running back Rashard Mendenhall will be out with an injury until at least Week 5, and behind him are unproven backs Isaac Redman and Jonathan Dwyer. 

    The Steelers are the a classic NFL team with a classic attitude—hard-working, blood-and-guts, take-no-prisoners type of play is the way of life in Pittsburgh. 

    Something about MJD in a Steelers uniform screams "Look out!" 

San Diego Chargers

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    The San Diego Chargers are teetering on catastrophe. 

    A team with so much talent may fall by the wayside this season, unable to solidify itself as a true playoff contender in the AFC.

    With running back Ryan Mathews currently injured, the organization needs to ensure franchise quarterback Philip Rivers some balance in the offensive game plan. 

    By making a deal for MJD, the Chargers could become instant favorites for the AFC West crown. 

    Also, the juggernaut might like the sound of going home to the state of California. 

Detroit Lions

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    Out of all the teams in the NFL, the Detroit Lions need Maurice Jones-Drew the most. 

    The team is as one-dimensional as they come, solely relying upon quarterback Matthew Stafford to sling the ball downfield to star wideout Calvin Johnson.

    The Lions running game is nearly a mirage, and it's not a given that No. 1 running back Jahvid Best will ever recover from multiple concussions. The Lions are a franchise that has been searching for a reliable running back since Barry Sanders walked away from the game in 1999.

    The team has a tough road ahead of them without a true running game because the NFC North has only improved this season. The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers will be two of the best teams in the league, and the Lions have kept pace with their adversaries.

    They also need to make a statement to the entire NFL that they are serious and legitimate contenders to be feared. 

    Without MJD and the threat of any running game, the Lions are merely a good team. With MJD, the Lions could have multiple Vince Lombardi Trophies in their near future.

    Lions GM Martin Mayhew needs to get creative and find a way to get this deal done.