Reviewing Fantasy Football: 5 Lessons Gleaned from the NFL Preseason so Far

Ralph Longo@ IIIAugust 23, 2012

Reviewing Fantasy Football: 5 Lessons Gleaned from the NFL Preseason so Far

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    We're getting closer to the start of the NFL season by the minute. While fans can't help but look ahead to Week 1, Fantasy Football owners need to keep their eyes on the current moment and stay focused on what's going on in the preseason. 

    There have been a lot of injuries, some breakout players and everything in between. So, here are five lessons that we've gleaned from the preseason up to this point. 

1. The Rookie QBs Are for Real

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    One thing that's definitely for sure right now is that the top rookie QBs appear to be the real deal. RGIII and Andrew Luck are solidified starters and look like they're going to both have good fantasy seasons. They're definitely draft worthy and are at the very worst, quality backups. 

    Ryan Tannehill's going to start start in Miami, and Russell Wilson could win the starting job in Seattle with a good performance this week. They could be suitable backups for your squad and might even progress to become borderline fill-in fantasy starters along with Luck and Griffin. 

2. The Falcons Offense Is Going to Be a Juggernaut

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    If I could do my fantasy draft over again, I would do my best to pick up any player that I possibly could on the Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan is currently the most underrated fantasy player that I can remember in a long time. He has two potential top-five WRs to throw to, so how could he not have an enormous season? 

    Along with the always solid RB Michael Turner, this offense could be one of the most explosive in the NFL and will put up a lot of big-time performances. If you can, draft the trio and be prepared to reap the immense rewards.

    You won't regret it. 

3. The Jets Aren't Taking Off Anytime Soon

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    All of Rex Ryan's talking seems to finally be slowing down, and rightfully (thankfully) so. The Jets look terrible right now and could maybe even finish under .500 if they don't make some serious changes. They have a good defense, but both of their QB's stink and they lack a solid RB.

    They still haven't scored a TD and appear totally unable to mount anything offensively. It doesn't even matter right now who starts for NY. Sanchez and Tebow both can't throw the ball effectively and Jets fans should really start to worry.

    If you can help it, stay away from anything associated with the NY Jets in your fantasy draft. Don't pick Tebow, don't pick Sanchez and don't take Holmes or Keller because they don't have anyone to throw to them.  

4. Has Peyton Manning Fallen Off a Cliff?

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    Peyton Manning has struggled in the preseason, throwing no touchdowns and three interceptions, and hasn't looked like his old self yet. Has the year off and all of his injury issues and multiple surgeries taken too much of a toll for Manning to recover from? 

    He could very well go on to shake out the cobwebs and have a great fantasy season for his owners. However, there's absolutely no way that I would advise drafting Manning; if you do, he should be your backup or a trade piece. 

    He's 36 years old and looks awful right now. Pass. 

5. No Madden Curse for Megatron

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    A while ago, I wrote this article examining whether or not the Madden Curse actually existed. Statistically speaking, the Madden Curse is in fact a real phenomenon. As we all know, Calvin Johnson is on the Madden '13 cover, so according to the stats, he should have a dip in production, right? 

    Wrong. Johnson has shown thus far that he's more than capable of breaking the trend and being just as productive as he was last season. I think there's a chance that Matt Stafford throws the ball 700 times this season, and if he does, Johnson has a chance to have an absolutely monster season. 

    We're talking 100-plus catches, 1,700-plus yards and double-digit TDs (he had 16 last year). He's that good. 


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