Fantasy Football 2012: Bye-Week Saviors and YouTube Trips Down Memory Lane

Jay ClemonsFantasy Sports Lead WriterAugust 13, 2012

In his NFL debut on Sunday, Colts QB Andrew Luck (188 yards passing, 2 TD) orchestrated three touchdown drives in four possessions. (US PRESSWIRE)
In his NFL debut on Sunday, Colts QB Andrew Luck (188 yards passing, 2 TD) orchestrated three touchdown drives in four possessions. (US PRESSWIRE)

Citing my recent countdown of the 32 presumed starting quarterbacks, here are the most ideal fantasy backups (generally those ranked 17-32) to start during a star's bye week:

Week 4—Star On Bye: Ben Roethlisberger
1. Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. New England
2. Matt Cassel vs. San Diego
3. Matt Flynn @ St. Louis

Week 5—Stars On Bye: Matthew Stafford, Tony Romo
1. Andrew Luck vs. Green Bay
2. Brandon Weeden @ N.Y. Giants
3. Joe Flacco @ Kansas City

Week 6—Stars On Bye: Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Jay Cutler
1. Josh Freeman vs. Kansas City
2. Matt Cassel @ Tampa Bay
3. Robert Griffin III vs. Minnesota

Week 7—Stars On Bye: Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, Peyton Manning
1. Josh Freeman vs. New Orleans
2. Joe Flacco @ Houston
3. Andrew Luck vs. Cleveland

Week 8—Star On Bye: Matt Schaub
1. Matt Cassel vs. Oakland
2. Christian Ponder vs. Tampa Bay
3. Josh Freeman @ Minnesota

Week 9—Star On Bye: Tom Brady
1. Andy Dalton vs. Denver
2. Matt Flynn vs. Minnesota
3. Robert Griffin III vs. Carolina

Week 10—Star On Bye: Aaron Rodgers
1. Andy Dalton vs. N.Y. Giants
2. Josh Freeman vs. San Diego
3. Andrew Luck @ Jacksonville

Week 11—Star On Bye: Eli Manning
1. Matt Cassel vs. Cincinnati
2. Josh Freeman @ Carolina
3. Andrew Luck @ New England

Toolbox Of Wonder

The forward-thinking workerbees at Fantasy Football Toolbox are off and running with unique takes on the season:

1. Positional Average Draft Position (ADP)
2. Team-by-Team Depth Charts
3. Beware of the Busts
4. Best Year 3 Wideouts

Thank God For YouTube!

Back by popular demand, here are some of the greatest fist-pumping, spine-tingling NFL moments of the 1970s and 80s:

**1980: Detroit's Billy Sims caps the greatest rookie RB debut in modern NFL history (217 total yards, 3 TDs).

**1979: Hall of Fame receiver Lynn Swann recklessly hurdles a car after a Terry Bradshaw miss on a 'Go' route.

**1978: The eventual champion Steelers get the ultimate pre-instant- replay gift against the Browns in overtime.

**1977: One of NBC's most underrated classics—a winner-take-all showdown between the Colts and Patriots. (This epic is precisely why the NFL Network needs to expand into a second network. Games like this define the league's heritage).

**1973: The iconic Howard Cosell performs his Monday Night Football Halftime Highlights for Raiders-Broncos.

And, last but not least...

**1980: Here it is...the greatest two-play sequence in NFL history. Bar none! It also helps that legendary NBC announcer Charlie Jones was on the call that day.


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