Theme Songs for Tim Tebow and Other NFL Players

Greg Maiola@Gom1094Senior Analyst IIJuly 7, 2012

Theme Songs for Tim Tebow and Other NFL Players

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    Though they might be super tough and complex infrastructures, song lyrics can oftentimes summarize a football player. And with that, there are songs that should remind you of certain football players.

    Football players are entertainers, and entertainment is often connected with music. Go ahead, name a television show without a theme song. Name a hero not connected to a tune.

    The players and personalities are what make the NFL great. Here are theme songs for a few of the most popular football players out there.

Tony Romo

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    Tony Romo is actually rated as the No. 2 passer in NFL history, with a 96.9 passer rating. He ranks No. 4 all time with 8.1 yards per attempt. Amani Toomer, who won a Super Bowl with Eli Manning, even said Romo is better than the two-time Super Bowl MVP that his former teammate is.

    But stats do lie.

    The closest Romo has gotten to a championship was the Divisional Round of the playoffs. No matter how good his numbers are, there is always disappointment at the end of a Dallas season, and for all of the praise he receives, Romo owns a 1-3 playoff record. He will always have the horror of costing the Cowboys a victory against the Seahawks a few seasons ago, too.

    And with the high expectations and bitter endings, Romo's theme song is...

"There's Always Tomorrow"

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    As soon as the video reaches the 43-second mark, football fans can relate.

    For Tony Romo, there's always tomorrow to make amends and always next season for his "dreams to come true."

    So, while Romo may not exactly be a misfit, there's always tomorrow for No. 9 in Dallas.

Billy Cundiff

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    Billy Cundiff was an All-Pro kicker in 2010. He set an NFL record with 44 touchbacks in 2011, and he even signed a $15 million deal to be the Ravens kicker until 2016.

    All around, Cundiff is one of the game's finest kickers. But ask Mike Vanderjagt—every kicker has his off day, especially in postseason crunch time.

    The AFC Championship Game will forever change Cundiff's legacy. So, the theme song for him is...

"Bad Day"

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    Daniel Powter really hits the spot, and that is the life of an NFL kicker.

    Make a field goal or extra point, nobody cares—it's your job.

    Miss a kick, especially with the Super Bowl on the line, and you are the ultimate goat.

    Billy Cundiff went from the league's best kicker in 2010 to the Ravens' heartbreaker in 2011.

    Cundiff is still one of the game's elite kickers. He simply had a bad day, a bad kick and is responsible for the wrath of Ravens Nation.

Terrell Owens

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    Terrell Owens is as talented on the football field as he is dramatic off of it. He is a king of pointing fingers and creating controversy, but at the end of the day, T.O. can play.

    Nobody in the media will ever doubt Owens' football abilities. But for those who ask Owens about former quarterback Tony Romo, a radical response will be delivered.

    Add rumors of bankruptcy and Owens' Dr. Phil appearance, and you get the ultimate T.O. theme song.

    And the theme song for the great No. 81 is...

"Cry Me a River"

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    Justin Timberlake certainly knows a thing or two about Terrell Owens.

    Owens cries when he doesn't get the ball. He cried when the media attacked his quarterback in Dallas. He has had run-in after run-in with the media.

    There was the crisis in Philadelphia with Donovan McNabb. There was drama in Dallas. Now, there is drama over the type of parent he is.

    But what makes this song a great selection is that Owens tries to convince the media what type of person he is. He pleads with reports that he isn't a bad teammate. After all of the bridges he burned, he still tries to plead his case.

    Hey, T.O., I think the nation knows what kind of player/person/teammate you are. Stop pleading with us.

    I think Timberlake put it best when he said, "Cry me a river."

Chad Ochocinco

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    First, he was Chad Johnson. Then, he was fined for trying to be Chad Ochocinco. Then, he legally changed his name to Chad Ochocinco.

    Now, it's going back to Chad Johnson.

    If you aren't confused by what was said above, bravo.

    There are so many possibilities for No. 85, but his name alone shouldn't be overlooked. And with that, the theme song for Mr. Ochocinco/Johnson is...

"That's Not My Name"

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    Hey, Chad, make up your mind!

    Most of the population sticks with the name given to them at birth, but Johnson isn't an average guy.

    The last name dilemma is borderline crazy. Forget the fact that Ochocinco doesn't even mean 85 in Spanish, but the Ochocinco name was funny while it lasted.

    Since Ochocinco just got married, he is maturing and going back to Johnson.

    And his best football came when he was a Johnson.

    Let's hope that it is Johnson for good.

Peyton Manning

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    Peyton Manning finally missed a start in his NFL career. From 1998-2010, No. 18 was always behind center for Indianapolis. He started 208 consecutive regular-season games, and he even started quite a few playoff games in between.

    But the ironman streak came to an end.

    Folks, Peyton Manning is human. Believe it or not, he is not a football robot, quarterback wizard or passing machine. He does feel pain and missed the entire 2011 NFL season, something many fans would have never anticipated.

    And there is a life lesson to be learned. The theme song for Manning is...

"Everybody Hurts"

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    As R.E.M. sings, everybody hurts sometimes.

    The 2011 season was a rough time for the record-setting quarterback. He suffered without football, and the Colts suffered without him.

    While Manning was recovering, Indianapolis fell off the face of the earth. The entire squad suffered through the pain.

    Yes, even Manning feels pain. Even he hurts from time to time, showing that nobody is invincible in the game of football.

Brandon Jacobs

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    Brandon Jacobs found out how true a cliché is. "You never know what you got 'til it's gone" never seemed so real to Jacobs until a little Giants fan sent $3.36 to lure him back to New York.

    Jacobs could have been competing for the starting role in New York. Now, he is one of four faces in a absolutely loaded San Francisco backfield.

    But this move has been anticipated for some time now. The theme song for Jacobs is...

"Release Me"

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    The undervalued Jack's Mannequin relates to the overvalued Brandon Jacobs. Jacobs wanted more money and a bigger role from the Giants, a team with which he won two Super Bowls. When the Giants could not satisfy him, he got his much-anticipated release and now finds himself in a worse situation.

    When Donovan McNabb asked for a release, he was hoping to sign on with a playoff contender. Now, he is a long shot to get back into the league.

    Though Jacobs is in a better state than McNabb is right now, he might have had things better in New York.

Tim Tebow

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    While Tim Tebow prefers to sing "Awesome God" during pregame warm-ups, and there is absolutely no shame in that, there might be a tune that all fans understand.

    Tebow is to the NFL what a certain Canadian is to the music industry; even Joey Porter agrees that Tebow is very similar to this musician.

    And, as the connection is very similar, this song is appropriate. The theme song for the New York Jet is...

"U Smile"

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    The paparazzi is all over Tim Tebow like it is with Justin Bieber. They can't show their faces in public without causing a stir.

    And, of course, there are people who hate their fame and how they rose to it.

    Now, I don't know a thing about Bieber's music, but as an icon in pop culture, it is very easy to see the comparison between Tebow and Bieber. Girls go crazy over them, as seen in the video.

    And for every person who likes Tebow and Bieber, you can immediately find five who don't.