Predicting Which NFL Teams Will Make QB Changes During 2012 Season

Nick Kostora@@nickkostoraContributor IIIJuly 7, 2012

Predicting Which NFL Teams Will Make QB Changes During 2012 Season

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    Not every NFL quarterback has the job security of a Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.

    Instead, some QBs will not only have to earn their job in training camp, but then have to hold onto it throughout the 2012 season.

    Which signal-callers will embrace the pressure and which ones will collapse under its weight?

    Changes are certainly going to be made and depth charts will undoubtedly be rearranged as teams either fall out of the playoff hunt and prepare for 2013 or try to jump-start an anemic offense.

    But where exactly will these changes take place?

    Will the winners of training camp battles in Miami and Seattle keep their starting jobs all season?

    Is a QB shake-up inevitable in Tennessee?

    Different QBs will be seen throughout the league this season, let's find out where...

Tennessee Titans

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    The Tennessee Titans have one of the most enticing QB battles in all of the NFL between Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck.

    Whether or not a change is made once they declare a starter depends completely on the direction the Titans' season heads.

    If they're winning, then no change needs to be made, but if they're faltering and the playoffs look doubtful, then a QB shift will take place.

    Either Hasselbeck will be pulled in order to get a start on the Jake Locker era, or Locker will be benched, so that Hasselbeck can attempt to rally the team towards postseason play.

    Both situations have their merits, and both are entirely plausible.

    The question is which, if either, will play out?

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Blaine Gabbert was anything but spectacular in his rookie season and will look to make drastic strides in 2012.

    But is he capable of making those strides?

    He does have a new receiving weapon in Justin Blackmon, but Maurice Jones-Drew has threatened a holdout that would completely derail an already struggling offense.

    Gabbert completed just 50.8 percent of his passes last season and threw for only 5.36 yards per pass attempt.

    If Jacksonville feels like Gabbert's development is moving too slowly or they just can't handle his shortcomings, they may turn to Chad Henne.

    Henne may not have set the world on fire during his tenure as the Miami Dolphins' starter, but he has at least hovered around a 60 percent completion percentage over the course of his career and has the ability to throw the deep ball.

    Jacksonville is not ready to compete in the AFC South; look for them to at least experiment with Henne under center.

Arizona Cardinals

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    Eventually, the Arizona Cardinals' QB battle between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton will come to an end.

    But will that end be definitive?

    These two signal-callers are said to be on even footing as training camp approaches, and regardless of who wins, the other is likely to see the field at some point.

    Kolb was not signed to a six-year, $65 million contract to sit on the bench for any extended period of time, and yet, Skelton's skill level is close enough to Kolb's to warrant a chance.

    What happens when the starter struggles even slightly?

    The backup, whoever he is, will be an easy alternative and a supposed "quick fix" for the Cardinals' problems.

Seattle Seahawks

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    The Seattle Seahawks' current QB situation is a serious double-edged sword.

    They have three quality options all competing for the starting role, and yet, the Seahawks also have three QBs who have yet to pull away from their counterparts.

    Is this all just some mind trickery from head coach Pete Carroll?

    Possibly, but the fact remains that Matt Flynn, Tarvaris Jackson and Russell Wilson could all be the Week 1 starter for Seattle.

    Can any of them hold the job for an entire 16-game campaign?

    Jackson has yet to assert himself as a viable starting option at the NFL level, Wilson has never taken a professional snap and Flynn is a backup wunderkind expected to break out as a starter.

    Carroll is not afraid to make waves, and this QB depth chart will make multiple changes in 2012.

    Jackson enters training camp as the starter. Let the battle begin.

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Michael Vick's health has been a concern for many NFL seasons.

    His style of play is too aggressive for him to avoid some kind of injury over the course of a 16-game schedule.

    In nine NFL seasons, Vick has played in every game just once and has missed at least three games five times.

    When he will suffer some kind of injury is unknown, but it's inevitability is a certainty.

    This is the kind of thing the Philadelphia Eagles can handle when Vick rushes for over 500 yards a year and scores around 20 total touchdowns.

    Unfortunately for the Eagles, the depth chart behind Vick does not feature an enticing option for when this scenario rears its ugly head.

    Mike Kafka, Trent Edwards and Nick Foles are all vying for positioning behind No. 7.

Miami Dolphins

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    What started as a three-horse race in Miami has reportedly whittled its way down to two, according to Dan Hanzus of

    Yet, even with the Dolphins closer to finding a starter, the organization is farther from answering long-term questions.

    Matt Moore and David Garrard may be battling to start under center for the beginning of 2012, but it's rookie Ryan Tannehill who will eventually see the field.

    The Dolphins are simply a team with too many flaws to make a legitimate run at the postseason.

    So when Week 11 or 12 rolls around and Miami is already out of the playoff hunt, is the coaching staff really going to be able to keep the franchise's future on the bench?

    Tannehill will see the field in 2012. The only real question is when.