NFL Starting Quarterbacks Likely to Be Replaced This Fall

Joe AnthonyContributor IIMay 31, 2012

The question isn't if Tim Tebow will replace Mark Sanchez this season, but when...
The question isn't if Tim Tebow will replace Mark Sanchez this season, but when...Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

New York Jets

Starter: Mark Sanchez

Backup: Tim Tebow

There is no question that the Jets coaching staff is enamored with the skill set of Tim Tebow. Tebow struggled in early OTAs—but that isn't a surprise. The Jets lacked leadership last season and it’s no secret that “The Sanchize” struggles in that area. That’s where Tebow comes in (and knowing Jets fans, it won’t take too long).


Buffalo Bills

Starter: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Backup: Vince Young

In the first seven games of 2011, Ryan Fitzpatrick posted a 97.8 passer rating along with 14 touchdowns and seven interceptions. In the final nine games he threw for only 10 scores, with 16 picks. He led the league with 23 total interceptions.

The easy excuse for his Jekyll and Hyde season will be the plague of injuries the team had to deal with. The flip side of that argument is what gets Fitzpatrick in trouble. The good fans in Buffalo will expect the team that went 5-and-2 out of the gate last year to return this fall. If the Bills falter (Jets, Pats, 49ers in first five weeks), Buffalo could see the biggest QB controversy since Rob Johnson and Doug Flutie.


Cleveland Browns

Starter: Brandon Weeden

Backup: Colt McCoy

The Browns did not draft a 28-year-old (29 in October) QB to have him ride the pine for a few years. Weeden has a rocket arm and could be a good NFL quarterback in the right situation. Unfortunately, the Browns are rarely thought of as the “right” situation for anyone. Browns fans may see flashbacks of Derek Anderson, leading them to call for the return of McCoy—who did well, considering his circumstances.

Tennessee Titans

Starter: Matt Hasselbeck

Backup: Jake Locker


The Titans face four playoff teams from 2011 in their first six games this season. I would be surprised to see the team begin the year with Locker in the starting role, for two main reasons:

  1. The Titans have a Week 1 matchup with the Patriots, and as the saying goes—you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.
  2. The Titans will likely go with the experience to start the year—and after a slow start, turn the keys over to their future QB.

Kolb is earning way more money; Skelton is earning way more wins...
Kolb is earning way more money; Skelton is earning way more wins...Christian Petersen/Getty Images


Arizona Cardinals

Starter: Kevin Kolb

Backup: John Skelton


2011 record with Kevin Kolb: 2-6.

2011 record with John Skelton: 6-2.

Money is the only reason this decision has not already been made.


Seattle Seahawks

Starter: Tarvaris Jackson

Backup(s): Matt Flynn, Russell Wilson


Tarvaris Jackson is on his way out in Seattle. The team brought in two quarterbacks from the state of Wisconsin, Matt Flynn from the Packers and Russell Wilson out of Wisconsin. Both are better than the 29-year-old Alabama native. Expect Flynn to get the job coming out of camp—but Russell Wilson is already raising eyebrows out in Seattle.