Stats, Rings, Guts and More: The True Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks

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Stats, Rings, Guts and More: The True Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks
A top 10 list couldn't be complete without Brady. Could it?

Over the many decades of professional football's existence, few positions have changed—and changed the game like the quarterback.  The premier high-profile position, the QB is often the most cheered and reviled player in the game. 

The debate raging around who's the greatest ever never seems to cease.  Top 10 programs, articles, books, conversations and arguments have existed since the forward pass was invented, it seems.  How, then, does this list promise to put at least one nail in the coffin? 

To be an all-time great quarterback, several factors have to be attended to.  Too often a "greatest ever" list gives one guy credit for stats, another for wins, another for longevity, nostalgia, rings and so on.  This list will take all those factors into account, along with where the QB stood among his peers, how he may or may not have changed the game and crunchy details like win percentage, ratings and team offensive scoring. 

But this list will do one thing no other list does—what writers, columnists, and fans seem afraid to do:

This list will take the losses, the interceptions, the failures and put them out there right in everyone's faces and make people acknowledge them. 

This will not be some hypocritical list where one guy gets credit for stats and wins, while another guy gets slammed for his system or his defense or his coaches.  What's good for one is good for all.  I'll also make comparisons among the quarterbacks on this list, so as arguments no doubt will ensue, we'll have some frames of reference for the choices that I've made.

So, without further ado, I present my list of the top 10 quarterbacks of all time...

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