Redskins Sign Chase Minnifield: Complete Scouting Report

Jasen ShenCorrespondent IApril 28, 2012

Although Chase Minnifield wasn't one of the 253 draft selections in this year's draft, he will still be a serviceable defender for the Washington Redskins.

It has been reported that the Virginia product has decided to sign with Washington after becoming an undrafted free agent.

At 5’10”, 183 pounds, the 23-year-old corner comes with a good frame and ideal build.

Not only does the former Virginia Cavalier display good upper-body strength, but also tremendous jam technique when it comes to press coverage. 

Minnifield re-routes opposing wide receivers with relative ease, but isn’t always able to stick to their hip due to his lack of straight-line speed.

However, what he lacks in foot speed, he makes up for with sheer physicality.

The Kentucky-native has proven to be a willing tackler who executes with good form. Against larger and stronger opponents, Minnifield looks to drop his pad level, while still attacking the ball-carrier.

He exhibits good effort against the run by chasing down running backs from the outside, and even possesses some block-shedding ability.

Minnifield combines his reliable instincts with good recognition in order to quickly dissect the play.  This in turn, is what allows him to drive aggressively towards the receiver.

Along with a hard-nosed style of play, Minnifield brings an outstanding set of ball skills. The cornerback draws from his experiences as a high school wideout and consistently looks to attack the ball while it’s at its peak.

In his last two years at Virginia, he came away with nine interceptions and a dozen pass-deflections to go along with his 98 tackles.

While some believe Minnifield would be a better fit at safety, look for him to start his rookie campaign as a nickel-corner and eventually develop into a versatile player in the secondary.