2012 Chicago Bears Mock Draft: How Michael Floyd Could Be the Bears' 19th Pick

Robert Daugherty@rdaugherty11Contributor IIIApril 16, 2012

2012 Chicago Bears Mock Draft: How Michael Floyd Could Be the Bears' 19th Pick

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    Prior to the 2012 NFL combine and the Brandon Marshall trade, Bears fans were clamoring for an upgrade at WR, with many projections centered around Michael Floyd from Notre Dame. 

    Then the combine came, and Floyd's value skyrocketed after he ran the 40-yard dash at around 4.4 seconds.  At the time, it appeared there was little to no chance Floyd would be around with the Bears' 19th pick. 

    While it's still unlikely Floyd falls to the 19th spot, some recent news has made the unthinkable, at least, imaginable.

Picks 1 Through 6: Safe Zone

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    No real chance that Floyd goes in the first 6 picks unless the Rams all of a sudden pull a fast one as I predict you'll see the following:

    1.  Colts - Luck.  Going out on a limb with this one.

    2.  Redskins - RGIII.  I'm crazy!!!

    3.  Vikings - Kalil.  Talk of trading down, which is possible, but Kalil should still go here.

    4.  Browns - Richardson.  Needing weapons on offense, Cleveland snatches up "most complete" running back.

    5.  Bucs - Claiborne.  Unless someone takes him before this, or the first four teams fail to turn in cards, Claiborne will be in Tampa.

    6.  Rams - Blackmon.  Some experts claiming Floyd will go before Blackmon.  I don't see it happening. 

Picks 7 Through 12: We're in Range

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    Here is where things start to get interesting, as there are definitely 2 teams in the mix for a WR. 

    7.  Jaguars - Coples.  The Jacksonville Jaguars entered the offseason with one of the worst starting WR groups in the NFL (the Bears were right with them) but have since added Laurent Robinson and Lee Evans to go along with Mike Thomas.  According to Sporting News' Russ Lande, on April 13th, it was mentioned the Jaguars are very interested in Quenton Coples.  So let's go that route. 

    8.  Dolphins - Tannehill.  The Texas A&M signal caller's stock continues to rise, and the Dolphins are desperate for a QB.

    9.  Panthers - Ingram.  Carolina needs to address their defense.

    10.  Bills - Here is another potential landing spot for Floyd.  However, the loss of Demetress Bell leaves a gaping hole at LT for the Bills as right now, 2011 4th rounder Chris Hairston is penciled in.  I see Buffalo going OT with Riley Reiff here. 

    11.  Chiefs - Kuechly.  KC could go a lot of directions here, but WR isn't one of them with Bowe in the fold and using 2011 1st round pick on WR Jonathan Baldwin. 

    12.  Seahawks - Cox.  Seattle's pass rush is dreadful and they have made it clear they are looking to upgrade their DL, especially DT.  Could be Poe, but think Cox is a safer pick. 

Picks 13 Through 15: Bears Fans Asking "What If?"

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    If Floyd gets to this point, many Bears fans, including myself, will start to wonder if it's possible he makes it through six more picks. 

    13.  Cardinals - Decastro.  There is certainly a possibility that Floyd goes here, as Arizona is in need of a #2 WR.  That being said, the Cards are also looking to trade down from this spot since they do not have a 2nd round pick.  If they aren't able to move out of the 13th spot, look for them to address their OL. 

    14.  Cowboys - Barron. No threat of a WR here.  Dallas is in love with both Poe and Barron, but think they go with the much needed safety.

    15.  Eagles - Poe.  There was talk of Eagles drafting a replacement for DeSean Jackson, but after inking him to a 5 year deal, look for Philly to address their DL. 

Picks 16 Through 18: The Home Stretch

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    At this point, Bears fans hoping for Floyd are wondering if they should trade up or just sit back and pray some more.  The three teams preceding the Bears all have a need for a WR, albeit not their biggest need.

    16. Jets - Upshaw  .  There is a strong possibility that Floyd could go to the Jets and this is probably the biggest hurdle left for the Bears.  However, according to Rich Cimini of ESPN New York, "I don't think the Jets would take him at 16. Nor should they. There's too much quality depth at receiver to take one that high."  Cimini sees the Jets taking a pass rusher and they really like Upshaw. 

    17.  Bengals - Kirkpatrick.  I doubt they use back to back #1 picks on a WR.  Their secondary still needs some assistance, even with the signing of T. Newman, who was one of the worst CBs in the league last year.

    18.  Chargers - Mercilus.  The last hurdle for the Bears.  Despite San Diego losing their #1 WR in free agency, the Chargers retooled by signing Robert Meachem and Eddie Royal.  There is little risk San Diego takes Floyd, but be weary of someone like Cleveland trading up.  At the end of the day, the Chargers need to address their pass rush, and Mercilus fits that need.

Pick 19: Floyd Falls to Bears

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    IF Floyd were to fall to 19, I sure hope Phil Emery would jump at the chance to select him.  Brandon Marshall on one side, Floyd on the other with Earl Bennett in the slot would give the Bears one of the most dynamic offenses in the league, assuming they can keep Jay Cutler in a standing position. 

    Yes, a pass rushing specialist needs to be found (Vinny Curry round 2?) and everyone except Mike Tice and Lovie Smith knows the offensive line, specifically LT needs to be addressed. 

    I just can't imagine passing on a WR with good speed, size and hands at this point.  Just like the picture accompanying this slide, I could see lots of celebrating between a #3 and a #6. 

Picks 20 Through 32: Rest of the First Round

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    We've gotten this far, might as well finish this one out!

    20.  Titans - Gilmore.  Going to be between DT and CB.  Gilmore has been rising up the charts and hard to pass up that potential.

    21.  Bengals - Glenn.  Bengals could use an interior lineman and Glenn gives flexibility of playing Guard or Tackle.

    22.  Browns - Wright.  Another weapon for the Browns offense.  Now if they could just get a QB!

    23.  Lions - Martin.  Probably crushed that neither Kirkpatrick or Gilmore fell, Lions take best player available and also address need.

    24. Steelers - Adams.  The Ohio State OT has had his share of issues, but Steelers need help on the offensive line.  Watch for sleeper Bobby Massie here, too. 

    25. Broncos - Brockers.  Denver needs a DT and they're hoping Brockers falls to them this far.

    26.  Texans - Randle.  I've been thinking Stephen Hill here the entire offseason, but the more I've watched Randle, the more impressed I am. 

    27.  Patriots - Perry.  New England expected to go defense heavy in the draft.  Pass rusher Perry fits a need.

    28.  Packers - McClellin.  Packers need OLB opposite Clay Matthews and have shown significant interest in McClellin.

    29.  Ravens - Zeitler.  Konz has been a popular mock pick for Baltimore, but is more of a finesse blocker than a bulldozer.

    30.  49ers - Still.  Probably BPA at this point.  This team built on defense and hard to pass up Still (or Werthy) at this point.

    31.  Patriots - Werthy.  Don't see any other CBs worthy of this pick (yes, pun intended) as I think Jenkins slides to day 2.

    32.  Giants - Hightower.  Lot of people picking Fleener here, but the Giants TE coach needs them to block, which is Fleener's weakness.  Remember we're still talking about a defense that finished toward the bottom of the NFL last year.