New Nike NFL Uniforms: Best Belong to the Seattle Seahawks

Kaleb Smith@Kaleb SmithCorrespondent IApril 3, 2012

New Nike NFL Uniforms: Best Belong to the Seattle Seahawks

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    Recently unveiled by the NFL are the latest jerseys for the upcoming season.  Instead of being produced for the field by Adidas, another major sporting company takes a crack at the NFL uniforms.  Nike steps up under center and takes the snap to produce the new uniforms.

    The new uniforms produced by Nike do not radically change the teams’ uniforms from last year’s model.  Instead they take the strengths of the old uniforms, add some Nike flair and top it off with the iconic swoosh.

    A few teams have a new modernized approach, such as the Chicago Bears or the New Orleans Saints.  A few teams, such as the Buffalo Bills, were unable to have changes due to the five-year rule imposed by the NFL.  The rule states that uniforms may be changed only once in five years. 

    After the NFL showed off all the brand-spanking new Nike uniforms for every team, it seemed clear who benefited the most from the changes: the Seattle Seahawks.

    With a soft touch of lime green, the decision to keep navy and now gray incorporated into the patterns of the jersey is a sure-fire winner!  Time to break down the Seattle Seahawks new uniforms by Nike!

NFL Uniforms by Nike Present Moderization

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    Team uniforms seen here are the Tennessee Titans, Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Chicago Bears continue to retain the historical vision, yet the numbers and lettering reach a new level of modernism. 

    Titans and Jaguars uniforms receive a new makeover with minor changes here and there, yet improve on the flaws of the teams' previous uniforms.

Marshawn Lynch Showing off New Uniforms

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    While most teams are currently just getting minor adjustments, one team rocks out with a fresh flavor of Seahawk. Check out Marshawn Lynch in the exciting new Seattle Seahawks uniforms!

Seattle Seahawk Home Nike Uniforms

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    The Seattle Seahawks have received an upgrade from their previous uniforms.  Nike has developed a perfect color mixture for the Seahawks as they continue to use the "rich navy" fans are so used to.  Now the number trim, sleeves and pants incorporate the eccentric lime green to give the uniform the much needed “pop”. 

    The lime green color has been seen during a few games in the past, but nearly blinded fans with the obnoxious overkill.  The perfect blend of navy, lime green and gray flow perfectly with one another as each are combined for the new uniforms.  Even the numbers glisten with a gray pattern providing a dash of originality.

Seattle Seahawks Away Nike Uniform

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    The away Nike uniforms for the Seattle Seahawks consist of white for the overall color.  The numbers consist of the intercut pattern the gray numbers contained on the home uniforms, yet instead of the gray numbers each are filled with the royal navy, with the lime green trim surrounding each.  A perfect way to keep the flair of the home uniforms in the form of competing on the road has been perfectly executed.

Seahawks Helmet's New Makeover

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    Following the direction the University of Oregon Ducks have pursued with stylish helmets, the NFL has slowly stepped into this realm, though Seattle leads the way.  The logo, sinister as ever, now has a checkered top leading to the front, down to eye opening.  The new helmets glisten and top off the perfect NFL uniforms. 

Nike Executed the Uniforms with Precision and Perfection

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    Nike provided the Seattle Seahawks with a batch of new uniforms.  A perfectly executed task by Nike, as they not only provide stunning uniforms for the Seahawks, but the entire NFL. Each team gained from having Nike take over production, although no team benefited more than Seattle.