Cardinals - Steelers Is A Game You Blow Off In October

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IJanuary 19, 2009

Ugh what a rotten Super Bowl.

Picture this.  It's October. The Jets are on the bye, your buddy invites you to the local pub to watch "the games."

One o'clock rolls around and you watch Giants-Redskins and enjoy some beer and wings.  On the other TV is some baseball Wild Card action on ESPN.

Now at 4, CBS has the late window and decides to give the country Steelers-Cardinals.  It's the top of the first of Game Four of the Wild Card game between the Cubs & Dodgers and the bartender reaches up to switch over to Steelers-Cardinals.

How many people are saying "Hey put baseball back on!"?

"But it's Roethlisberger vs Warner!"


The mainstream media will spend the next two weeks telling us how great a story the Cardinals are, and start comparing them to long suffering Cubs fans. Sixty-one years blah blah, as if there's some old dude in Chicago who has held the flame for his Cards all this time. 

We're also to believe the people of St. Louis are pulling for Kurt Warner, and there are still some Cards fans there too. Really, because they all adopted the Rams mighty fast when they were winning!

We'll be told what a great story Kurt Warner is and he'll be compared to cagey veterans like John Elway or Brett Favre. What everyone will forget is that Kurt Warner has been (unfairly) mocked around the league since he lost the job to Eli Manning.

I'm not psyched for this Super Bowl.  I hope the Steelers take it by 50 points (hint, blitz!) and we can all stop talking about Coach Cowher and move on to Coach Tomlin.

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