2012 NFL Free Agents: 10 Remaining Free Agents Denver Broncos Must Target

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIMarch 17, 2012

2012 NFL Free Agents: 10 Remaining Free Agents Denver Broncos Must Target

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    The top-tier free agents may have left the market, but the Denver Broncos should still be looking at guys like Brandon Lloyd and Mike Wallace to upgrade certain positions.

    With numerous holes, the Broncos won't be able to fill every one of them with players who can immediately flourish via the 2012 draft. They must consider signing veterans.

    After all, they have the cap space to make moves.

    Here are 10 players worth a look who can push the Broncos to the next level.

Stephen Tulloch

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    Besides Von Miller, who do the Denver Broncos have at linebacker? The next best guy is D.J. Williams, who will miss the first six games due to suspension.

    26-year-old Stephen Tulloch is only getting better, while soon-to-be 30-year-old Williams had a mediocre year in 2011.

    Sign Tulloch and trade Williams while he still has some value.

Curtis Lofton

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    If the Denver Broncos can't get Stephen Tulloch, linebacker Curtis Lofton would be a nice alternative. Lofton isn't quite the beast Tulloch is, but he's as young, so there's still time to develop.

    He's a reliable tackler who consistently puts up near 100 tackles per season. He can also cover receivers, as shown by two interceptions and seven passes deflected in 2011.

    If the Broncos can't sign Tulloch, sign Lofton and trade Williams.

Brandon Lloyd

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    Earlier this week I listed out 10 reasons the Denver Broncos should re-sign Brandon Lloyd.

    He's close to signing with the New England Patriots, but until it's official, it's still a possibility.

    He may not want to return to a Tim Tebow-led offense. He might reconsider if Peyton Manning is under center.

London Fletcher

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    The Denver Broncos have a knack for bringing in veteran leaders after their former teams decided to go younger (see: John Lynch, Brian Dawkins).

    If the Washington Redskins are going to let London Fletcher walk, the Broncos should consider signing him. He's a very talented linebacker who is consistently underrated and overlooked.

    Fletcher would be a perfect fit in Denver.

Demetrius Bell

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    For this move to work, a few other moves would have to coincide.

    Demetrius Bell plays left tackle, but the Denver Broncos would likely be reluctant to move Ryan Clady.

    Instead, Bell could move to left guard and bump Zane Beadles to right guard.

Tracy Porter

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    Perhaps the Denver Broncos should stop looking for the next Champ Bailey year after year in the draft and instead turn to free agency.

    Brandon Carr would have been nice, but Tracy Porter is more than capable of stepping in opposite Bailey.

    Porter will be 26 years old this season and is just two years removed from the biggest play of his career, which put the nail in the coffin during Super Bowl XLIV.

Visanthe Shiancoe

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    The Denver Broncos badly need an upgrade at tight end.

    The pickings in this year's draft are slim.

    Visanthe Shiancoe is a suitable answer.

    Though last year he only brought in just over 400 yards, he averaged over 500 in the three years prior.

    A one- or two-year deal wouldn't hurt. It'd be relatively cheap and immediately poses more threat than Daniel Fells did a season ago.

Mike Wallace

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    Mike Wallace can burn defenses, and that is exactly the type of weapon a Tim Tebow-led offense needs.

    Tebow has a cannon, so there is no doubt he can wing the ball a good distance. His accuracy is another story.

    But Wallace is a playmaker. Put the ball downfield for him and he will go get it.

    The Denver Broncos would have to give up their first-round pick, but it'd be worth it. Wide receiver needs upgrading.

Lee Evans

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    Lee Evans is a similar player to Mike Wallace.

    He's not as talented, and, as such, he's a cheaper option. He also won't require a first-round draft pick to sign.

    Evans would fit nicely with Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker already in place.

Peyton Manning

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    I know, the Denver Broncos are already targeting Peyton Manning. They need to take it from targeting to signing.

    Manning immediately makes the Broncos a Super Bowl contender.

    Tim Tebow took them to an 8-8 record and the second round of playoffs with the most unconventional style seen in a long time.

    Imagine how far a healthy Manning could take them.

    If the San Francisco 49ers swoop in and steal Manning, the Broncos might even consider bringing in Alex Smith to compete for the starting spot.

    Strike that. Ink Manning now.