5 Rumored NFL Trades That Won't End Up Happening

Vincent Frank@VincentFrankNFLCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2012

5 Rumored NFL Trades That Won't End Up Happening

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    Next week promises to be a hectic one in terms of player movement. Free agency will begin in full throttle as teams attempt to improve their rosters dramatically.

    It is the stretch that starts off a myriad of different rumors about potential landing spots of some of the best free agents. It is also a stretch in which we are bound to hear some of the craziest trade rumors of the entire year.

    After all, NFL free agency wouldn't be too much fun if we didn't have certain people throwing out the most outlandish and unlikely rumors possible.

    In reality, few trades are made in the NFL compared to other sports. It just doesn't happen too often. A lot of this has to do with the structure of the league as it relates to the salary cap, but most of it has to do with teams not wanting to give up draft picks.

    This article is going to squash some of the most talked about rumors out there.

Shawntae Spencer to Any Team

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    The San Francisco 49ers have reportedly given Shawntae Spencer the go-ahead to seek a trade. Well, good for him but it just isn't going to happen.

    Spencer, who just turned 30, missed a majority of the 2011 season due to injury. When Spencer was able to play, he was a healthy inactive for the 49ers.

    Why would some team give up a valuable pick to land a marginal corner with injury concerns? Spencer played pretty well in 2009 and 2010, but that was for a 49ers secondary that really didn't have the talent to succeed on a consistent basis.

    The minute that this team became a contender, Spencer was no longer a contributor. That seems to be more than a coincidence at this point.

    He will probably just be released by San Francisco and teams know this.

Dwight Freeney to the Jacksonville Jaguars

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    NFL Trade Rumors suggests that the Jacksonville Jaguars could be in play for the services of Dwight Freeney, who the Indianapolis Colts have recently put on the block.

    How does this make any sense for the Colts?

    I am pretty sure they are not going to trade him to a team that they are going to face twice a year. Welcome to the NFL Andrew Luck, we just traded our best pass-rusher to a division rival, good luck.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Colts will probably unload Freeney this offseason. With that said, it is going to be to a NFC team that they won't have to face in 2012. Not to a division rival.

DeSean Jackson to the San Francisco 49ers

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    The blueprint for the San Francisco 49ers is clear. They are going to model their philosophy to fit what the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers have done.

    Build through the draft and supplement in free agency.

    This hasn't stopped certain people from indicating that San Francisco could be a destination for DeSean Jackson.

    Matt Maiocco of Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, a personal favorite of mine, has indicated that the 49ers could show interest in Jackson this offseason.

    On the surface, this seems to make a lot of sense. After all, Jackson is a Bay Area native and the 49ers need that deep threat on the outside as was evidenced in their NFC Championship Game loss to the New York Giants.

    That is just on the surface.

    San Francisco isn't going to pony up a high draft pick and the cash it would take to acquire the services of Jackson. He is a player that doesn't seem to fit what they are building in terms of chemistry and wouldn't be a great addition in the locker room.

    In fact, if San Francisco were to give up a draft pick for a player it would probably be for Mike Wallace.

    Either way, this just isn't going to happen.

    Good luck, try again.

Tim Tebow to the Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Why would the Jacksonville Jaguars trade for a marginal young starting quarterback when they already have one? Are they so desperate to put butts in the seats to make a dumb deal like this?

    Why would the Denver Broncos consider trading "the savior"?

    These are three questions that need to be answered when addressing the rumor that Tim Tebow is on the trade block and could end up in Jacksonville.

    Even if Peyton Manning does sign with the Denver Broncos, they should keep Tebow as an insurance policy and as someone that can learn a great deal from the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

    They would pretty much tick off about one-half of the Broncos fanbase by trading a quarterback that stunned an unsuspecting audience last season.

Kevin Kolb to the Cleveland Browns

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    First, the Cleveland Browns would have to restructure Kevin Kolb's contract because no one in the NFL outside of Arizona believe that he was worth the type of money that the Cardinals threw at him.

    Second, the Arizona Cardinals would be admitting that they made a major mistake in giving up a second-round pick and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for Kolb.

    Finally, the Browns already have a marginal starting quarterback in Colt McCoy.

    Despite all of this, ESPN seems to think that Kolb would fit in Cleveland.

    If you buy this idea, I have an acre of land for sale in Africa.

Other Rumors Flying Around

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    Lance Briggs

    Many "sources" have indicated that Lance Briggs is on the trading block.

    How so?

    This is a rumor that the Chicago Bears have been shooting down for nearly a year now. They are not going to take away from the strength of the team just because Briggs believes he is undervalued. It just isn't going to happen.

    You really don't need to have a source close to the Bears in order to understand that they are not going to part ways with a Pro Bowl player because he likes to talk a lot.


    Asante Samuel

    It isn't that Samuel doesn't give value at the corner position, he is an extremely solid player. It is more about the salary that comes with acquiring him, about $9.4 million. I doubt a team would be willing to give up a mid-round pick for a 31-year-old corner that is in the back end of his career. It is more likely that the Eagles release him outright.