Wisconsin's Pro Teams: Braun, Rodgers, Jennings and the Fate of the Bucks

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Wisconsin's Pro Teams: Braun, Rodgers, Jennings and the Fate of the Bucks
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
Brandon Jennings is very close to breaking out as an NBA star.

In 1971, the Milwaukee Bucks had megastars Oscar Robertson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, two athletes who were well-known nationwide.

At the same time, many of the Packers greats of the Lombardi era had moved on or were in the twilight of their careers. 

Meanwhile, 1971 was a time of rebirth for a fledgling baseball franchise in a once-baseball-crazy town.  Nobody in the national audience cared about the Brewers, as has been the case for most of its 40 year history until now (the exception being 1981-82).

Why do I raise this historical parallel?

Because today we're experience a rare convergence of legitimate, national stars in all three of Wisconsin's professional sports teams.

As Bucks fans in the Bradley Center last night witnessed Aaron Rodgers take a front-row seat and playfully do his title-belt dance for the crowd, Brandon Jennings scored 33 points and 7 assists. While watching, I realized the Bucks fate as a franchise may rest on whether they can keep Jennings.

This article takes a look at the many ways marketability and performance of Wisconsin's key stars may impact the ability of the Milwaukee Bucks to stay afloat, while the other two franchises are in many ways at the peak of their respective stability.

As the state's biggest city and the nation's smallest professional sports market, Milwaukee is very fortunate to have three local professional sports teams. Perhaps star power will only aid in keeping the 40+ year run going.

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