2012 NFL Draft: 3 Reasons DeVier Posey Is a Top-5 Talent at WR

Sean LeahyCorrespondent IIFebruary 23, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: 3 Reasons DeVier Posey Is a Top-5 Talent at WR

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    In the conversation regarding available wide receivers in the 2012 NFL draft, former Ohio State wideout DeVier Posey, has the talent to be considered among the top five in the category.

    Posey suffered from a truncated senior season, due to his involvement in the now infamous “tattoo gate,” and as such was only eligible to play in three games. In limited action, he caught 12 passes for 162 yards and two touchdowns, averaging 13.5 yards per catch.

    Despite the encumbrances against his senior year output, Posey nevertheless has the intangibles to be regarded in the top five at his position in the upcoming draft. Here are a few reasons why this is an argument worth considering.


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    Despite having less time to display his skills, Posey still possesses NFL size and quickness, in addition to good abilities in the area of yards after catch. 

    Given that his senior year was also spent working with first-year starter Braxton Miller, the mixture of several compounding factors detracted from his production.

    Once able to establish the routine of regular reps in an NFL system and develop a working relationship with a consistent coaching staff and quarterback, Posey's intangibles will lead to NFL productivity.

Character Defamation Is Unjust in Talent Assessment

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    Posey was cited and suspended for multiple incidents this past year, including selling his championship ring and for receiving compensation for work he did for a booster. 

    Despite this, his coach during the 2011 season, Luke Fickell, unreservedly vouched for Posey where character is concerned, saying, "I would say I don’t have any reservations about his character. I love him." 

    And if Fickell seems to close and bias of a source, ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay had this to say, “The more I dig, the more people I talk to, it doesn’t appear that he has bad character or is a bad kid.” 

    Posey was disciplined for his actions, and his character has been confirmed by inside and outside sources to be a good one.

    As much as foolish actions should not necessarily play as significant a role in player assessment, the truth is that they do, and surely are a part of Posey's projected lower standing among available receivers.  

Stats Dont Tell the Whole Story

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    Posey, via his own indiscretions, gave up the right to compile an impressive senior season stat sheet. As much as prognosticators claim to base evaluations of draft day contestants on a convergence of qualities, a glossy stat sheet never fails to impress.

    Over the course of a senior season in which he would have played the full slate of games, Posey would have assuredly put together a more substantial line of stats. Especially considering the Buckeyes leader in receiving in 2011 was freshman Devin Smith, and he finished with a mere 294 yards over a full season, to Posey's 162 yards in just three games.

    This in turn would be a better reflection of his production in the last season before his entrance into the evaluative process of being drafted. An evaluation where stats do matter.