The 50 Most Despised NFL Players of the Last Decade

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIFebruary 21, 2012

The 50 Most Despised NFL Players of the Last Decade

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    Professional athletes are some of the most despised people in the world, and NFL players might be on top of that list.

    Whether it's their fans who despise them for a dropped pass or botched kick or a city that despises them for hanging them out to dry, NFL players definitely get their fair share of hatred.

    Today we'll look at the 50 most despised players of the last decade.

Albert Haynesworth

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    Despised By: Fans of Washington Redskins, Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots

    The Notorious B.I.G. wrote a song entitled "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems." The theme song to Albert Haynesworth's life is "Mo' Money, Less Talent."

    The Redskins gave him a huge offer, the Titans were angry that he left and the Patriots can't stand that he wasn't another gem of the Bill Belichick era.

Chris Johnson

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    Despised By: Fans of Tennessee Titans

    When you give a player $53.5 million, you are expecting more than 49 combined rushing and receiving yards in the first game since signing a huge contract. While he eventually improved, it was too late to make much of a difference.

    Throw in the fact that Chris Johnson's offseason was one of the worst for a Titans player, and you have quite the despised player by fans.

Jay Cutler

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    Despised By: The Majority of Football Fans

    Look, I don't know why this is true, but everyone seems to just have this hatred towards Jay Cutler.

    Maybe it's the fact that he always appears to have a smug face or that he is getting married to a reality TV star. Whatever it is, most football fans despise Cutler.

Tim Tebow

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    Despised By: Anyone Who Hates ESPN

    Atheists would have been another option, but it just seemed too easy. Also, I'm pretty sure that even atheists are awed the magic that Tim Tebow works on the football field.

    However, if you hate the media-giant named ESPN, you will absolutely despise Tebow.

Michael Vick

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    Despised By: Animal Lovers; Fantasy Football League Owners

    My number one rule in fantasy football is to never draft Michael Vick. The reason why is that I enjoy watching the owner in my league who does draft him curse Vick every other week he is injured.


Ben Roethlisberger

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    Despised By: Most Men 

    This happened a few years ago, but it is still recent enough to stick in our minds.

    As a man, and I'm guessing most men feel this way, there are certain ways to treat the opposite sex. Ben Roethlisberger didn't do that.

James Harrison

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    Despised By: Roger Goodell

    Fine after fine came James Harrison's way and while some were justified, others seemed absurd.

    At times, it appeared as if Goodell had simply put a target on Harrison and would do anything to get some money from him.

Ndamukong Suh

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    Despised By: Roger Goodell; People Who Think Football Players Should Be Nice

    Ndamukong Suh is another player targeted by Goodell, and once again some is justified while other offenses aren't.

    The second category of people who think football players should be nice don't like Suh because he has a real mean streak in him. Personally, I like a little mean in the football players.

Shawne Merriman

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    Despised By: Fans of Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers; Tila Tequila

    We'll start with Tila Tequila because it's pretty simple. There was this incident that probably made her stop liking Shawne Merriman.

    As for the teams, Merriman has been a major disappointment since his breakout season for the Chargers back in 2005.

Charles Rogers

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    Despised By: Fans of the Detroit Lions; People With Absolutely No Talent

    People hate to see talent wasted. That is exactly what Charles Rogers did with all the talent he had.

    The Lions drafted Rogers with the second pick in the 2003 draft. He went on to record 36 career receptions.

    Case closed.

JaMarcus Russell

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    Despised By: The Oakland Raiders

    Since we're talking about draft failures, how about JaMarcus Russell?

    The top pick that was supposed to change the Raiders franchise was a major bust. Like the biggest in NFL history.

    I think it's safe to say that Russell doesn't get many Christmas cards from the Raiders organization.

Rodney Harrison

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    Despised By: People Who Dislike Trash Talkers; Probably Rob Gronkowski

    As one of the biggest trash talkers in NFL history, you could see why people might despise Rodney Harrison. Trash talking isn't for everyone.

    Now, as far as Gronkowski goes, he is justified for despising Harrison. What Harrison said after the Super Bowl was just ridiculous.

Tony Romo

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    Despised By: People Who Hate Chokers

    As much as I hate including Tony Romo on this list, there are definitely quite a few people out there that expect millions of dollars to produce clutch victories.

    Unfortunately, Romo hasn't done that yet, and I'm not sure he ever will.

Keyshawn Johnson

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    Despised By: Quiet People

    If there is one word to describe Keyshawn Johnson that word would be loud.

    He was loud on the field, he is loud in the studio and I wouldn't be surprised if he was loud while sleeping. 

    Loudness isn't everyone's cup of tea and despising someone who is overly loud is legit.

Ryan Leaf

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    Despised By: Everyone

    No one likes Ryan Leaf.

    He has the rare ability to make people dislike him and he was surprisingly good at it.

Eli Manning

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    Despised By: The New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers

    I wonder what would have happened for the Chargers had Manning not demanded a trade from them to the New York Giants. Would the Chargers have won two Super Bowls while the Giants peddle in mediocrity?

    As far as the Patriots go, all you have to do is look at the 2007 and 2011 Super Bowl to see why they despise Manning.

Hines Ward

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    Despised By: People Who Hate Dancing

    I'm all for dancing. I happen to be quite the interpretive dancer myself.

    However, Hines Ward has a full-time job as a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers and it seems a little "attention-grabby" for him to appear on Dancing With the Stars.

    Next time you want to go on reality television, wait until you're retired.

Adam "Pacman" Jones

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    Despised By: Cops

    The more I think about Adam "Pacman" Jones, the more I think that cops probably enjoy running into him because it likely means they will be meeting their monthly quota.

Chad Ochocinco

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    Despised By: Terrell Owens

    Owens and Chad Ochocinco got into quite the Twitter war after their one season together for the Cincinnati Bengals.

    The exchange was rather hilarious, but it does make me believe that these two don't spend much time together anymore.

Terrell Owens

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    Despised By: Chad Ochocinco

    Reread the previous slide if you need any more explanation.

Randy Moss

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    Despised By: The Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings

    Both the Titans and Vikings thought that they were going to get a steal of a deal when they landed Randy Moss.

    What he rewarded them with 19 receptions in only 12 games.

    How can anyone really think he can make a comeback?

Bill Romanowski

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    Despised By: His Teammates and Opponents

    There were few players to ever play the game that were so despised by their teammates and opponents as Bill Romanowski must have been.

    From punching teammate Marcus Williams in the face to kicking, spitting and throwing things at opponents, Romanowski was quite the disliked individual.

Brett Favre

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    Despised By: Fans of the Green Bay Packers; People Who Don't Wear Wrangler Jeans

    The reason that Packers fans despise Brett Favre is pretty clear, as it took a while to remove the knife that he placed in their backs.

    Personally, Wrangler jeans don't fit and I hate Favre for making it look so fun to play sports in them.

Larry Johnson

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    Despised By: The Kansas City Chiefs

    It may seem crazy for a team to hate their own player, but that is the only way that I can explain them giving him 336 carries and 416 carries in back-to-back seasons.

    That type of load is career suicide for a running back, which is why the Chiefs must have despised Larry Johnson.

Plaxico Burress

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    Despised By: People Who Hate Guns

    It's hard to feel bad for Plaxico Burress because he did accidentally shoot himself in the league.

    People who are against guns in America were given fuel for their fire and used Burress as their example of the damage guns to do to people's lives.

Martin Gramatica

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    Despised By: People Who Don't Think Kickers Are Athletes

    This hatred is one that I have a big problem with. 

    Why is it that when a running back scores a touchdown, he is allowed to dance and hug his teammates? However, when a kicker gets excited and jumps up and down like a child when he kicks a field goal, it is no good?

    Is it because he hurt himself while celebrating? If it is, that isn't a legit enough injury because people get injured celebrating all the time.

    Heck, I injured myself just last week while celebrating the trapping of a mouse in my house. Stupid mouse made my tear my ACL.

Ray Lewis

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    Despised By: People Who Are Intimidated Easily

    There is no doubt that Ray Lewis is one of the most intimidating figures in the history of the NFL.

    Some people just can't stand being intimidated and whenever Lewis appears on the screen, they wet themselves. 

    Having to deal with numerous wet pants will make anyone extremely angry.

Tom Brady

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    Despised By: All Men

    Let's look at a quick list of accomplishments by Tom Brady:

    1) Three Super Bowl victories;

    2) Two NFL MVP awards;

    3) Married to Gisele Bundchen.

    Sounds like the perfect reasons for men everywhere to despise Brady.

Jerramy Stevens

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    Despised By: Proper People

    One look at Jerramy Stevens' legal troubles and you'll see exactly why proper people may not enjoy his company.

Kyle Turley

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    Despised By: Damien Robinson

    Do you remember when Kyle Turley ripped off the facemask of an opponent and threw it across the field?

    Well, that player was Robinson. He hasn't forgiven him yet.

DeSean Jackson

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    Despised By: The New York Giants; Slow People

    After his incredible punt return for a touchdown against the Giants in 2010, he instantly became the most hated player in New York.

    I also threw slow people into the conversation because slow people hate fast people. It makes it so difficult to catch them.

Warren Sapp

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    Despised By: Serious People

    People would get so angry at Warren Sapp for enjoying himself on the football field that it just got way too out of hand.

    My question to all the serious people out there is, have you ever smiled while at work? If the answer to that question is no, you're beyond help.

Jeremy Shockey

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    Despised By: Healthy People

    Have you ever had a friend who is always sick or injured? 

    At first you feel bad and are willing to take care of them. However, after the 50th time of it happening, you get kind of sick of them.

    That's what has happened to Jeremy Shockey.

David Boston

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    Despised By: Marty Schottenheimer

    David Boston had a monster season for the Arizona Cardinals in 2001 before signing a huge contract with the San Diego Chargers in 2003.

    It was a gigantic mistake, as Boston never lived up to expectations. In fact, he was such a disappointment that his coach, Schottenheimer, suspended him for a game for bad behavior.

    He was then traded for a measly sixth-round draft pick.

Terry Glenn

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    Despised By: The Green Bay Packers

    People may have forgotten that Terry Glenn played for the Packers during the 2002 season. 

    It makes sense, because his 56 receptions and two touchdowns didn't exactly scream superb play.

Reggie Bush

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    Despised By: Non-USC College Players; Fans of the New Orleans Saints

    First, Reggie Bush demoralized opponents over the course of his college career. He would make them look straight-up silly every single game.

    This is why the Saints spent such a high pick on Bush, who ended up spending the majority of his time with the team injured.

    Adding to the Saints hatred is the fact that once they got rid of him, he had a career year with the Miami Dolphins.

DeAngelo Hall

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    Despised By: Jay Cutler

    During a game against the Chicago Bears in 2012, DeAngelo Hall intercepted Cutler four times in one game.

    Some cornerbacks don't get four interceptions in a season. The fact that Hall got four on Cutler is what makes him despise him so much.

    You can guarantee the Cutler will never look at Hall's half of the field when they play again.

Roy Williams

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    Despised By: Players Who Hate Being Tackled By Their Necks

    This one makes quite a bit of sense. 

    Roy Williams made his career by horse-collar tackling. I'm guessing that getting viciously pulled to the ground by your neck is rather uncomfortable. 

Tiki Barber

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    Despised By: People Who Think the Retired Should Stay Retired

    The one thing I'll never understand is why people who retire from the game of football don't stay retired.

    I mean, you never see a 65-year-old librarian decide to make a comeback three years later.

    Please just stay retired.

Billy Cundiff

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    Despised By: Fans of the Baltimore Ravens

    This one is rather recent, as Billy Cundiff missed a field goal that would have tied the AFC Championship Game between the Ravens and New England Patriots.

    It was a game the Ravens should have won and while Cundiff's teammates were certainly by his side, the same couldn't be said about true Ravens fans.

Kyle Williams

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    Despised By: Fans of the San Francisco 49ers

    Kyle Williams is in a similar boat to Billy Cundiff, as they are both blamed for their teams not appearing in Super Bowl XLVI.

    Williams had two key fumbles that cost the 49ers the game. That is something that fans will never forget.

Adam Vinatieri

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    Despised By: Teams That Lose By Three Points or Less

    As one of the most clutch kickers in NFL history, Adam Vinatieri has definitely gotten plenty of teams to despise him.

    With the clock running down and your team up by three points or less, you just know that when Vinatieri steps on the field, you are either going to lose or head into overtime.

    Either way, you want to run across the field and kick him in the shin for being so clutch.

Sebastian Janikowski

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    Despised By: People Who Love Fun

    Look, Sebastian Janikowski just wants to have fun. Is that so hard to believe for a kicker in the NFL?

    I know they don't have the "sexiest" position in the league, but this should make them even more deserving of going out and getting crazy at times.

Stevie Johnson

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    Despised By: People Who Catch Everything

    I almost put God on the list, but his claims that God made him drop the pass were just too ridiculous.

    However, people who catch everything do despise people who drop things quite a bit. You can only take so much of someone dropping that pen they asked you to throw to them before you can't stand that individual anymore.

Braylon Edwards

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    Despised By: Fans of the Cleveland Browns

    Fans of the San Francisco 49ers were another candidate for Braylon Edwards, but he hasn't been in San Francisco long enough to do the type of damage he did to the city of Cleveland.

    Edwards had all the talent in the world, but was only able to put that talent together for one season. Seeing a player on your favorite team squander his talent is definitely a justified cause for despising him.

Quincy Carter

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    Despised By: Jerry Jones; Bill Parcells

    The Dallas Cowboys were really hoping that Quincy Carter became the next great quarterback for them. Jones drafted him in the second round of the 2001 draft and Parcells started Carter in his first year as coach in 2003.

    However, following the 2003 season, Carter was surprisingly released from the team by Parcells and Jones. It was a shocking move, but poor leadership and failed drug tests were the ultimate career killer for Carter.

Antonio Cromartie

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    Despised By: Women

    I'm not really sure how to say this, so I'll just jump right in.

    Antonio Cromartie has nine children with eight different women, who happen to live in six different states. Pretty soon women will find out about him and spread the news across the world, right?

Daunte Culpepper

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    Despised By: Linebackers

    In his prime, Daunte Culpepper weighed in at around 260 pounds. That is a big boy to take down in the open field.

    You'd often see a linebacker look to take down Culpepper, only to land up on his back and you'd just know that the linebacker was saying to himself, "I hate that man."

Peyton Manning

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    Despised By: Non-Funny People

    If the Hall of Fame voted people into Canton strictly based on their commercial-making skills, Peyton Manning would be a first-ballot Hall of Fame player without a second thought.

    He has a great sense of humor and for people who don't have any sense of humor, it can be rather difficult to not despise Manning.

Marshawn Lynch

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    Despised By: Chocolate Candy Lovers

    There is a fine line between people who love chocolate candy and people who love fruit-flavored candy like Skittles or Starburst.

    These two types of people are unable to get along and since Marshawn Lynch gladly promotes Skittles, it makes sense that chocolate lovers would despise him.