Brett Favre: Most Overrated Career?

Nick CasoAnalyst IJanuary 1, 2009

Does NFL Iron Man Belong with Greats?

When most people think of Brett Favre, they think of durability, big numbers, and a player who's always fun to watch. When I think of Brett Favre, I think a little differently. There is but one thing that comes to mind when I hear his name: Overrated.

Many people would rank Favre among their top five quarterbacks of all-time. Favre would barely make my top ten. I know what you may be thinking, and no, I did not eat paint chips as a child nor was I dropped. I feel as if he has been given way to much credit throughout his career and here is why:

(After talking to many people, the general consensus for top five greatest quarterbacks of all-time, in no order, were Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, and Johnny Unitas)



There is a reason that Favre is the all-time leader in interceptions. Throughout his career, he has made many poor decisions that have caused his team to lose possession. Favre has thrown 310 career interceptions, 33 more than the next guy on the list, George Blanda. In my opinion, great quarterbacks keep turnovers to a minimum, which helps give their team the best chance to win.

Choke Artist

Favre is one of the last QBs I would ever want to lead my team down field late in the game. We have seen him try many times over the years to be the hero, but more often than not, we see him fail by throwing a game-ending interception. 

We expect the elite quarterbacks to lead their teams down field, regardless of the situation, and win. Tom Brady and Joe Montana would be to considered two QBs who  could handle that pressure, while Favre cannot. Take Week 17 of the 2008-09 season, when the Jets absolutely needed a win to have a shot at the playoffs. Favre threw three picks.


Not A Winner

Now some of you may disagree with me on this one, but hear me out.  In all of Favre's "glory days" he only won one Super Bowl, and that was against the Patriots. Also, you could make a very convincing argument that Desmond Howard actually won that game with his kick return. Favre has a career record of 169-99, a winning percentage of 63 percent.  Brady's is 78 percent, Manning's is 66 percent, and Montana's is 71 percent.  Brady, Manning, and Montana have all made a living by being winners, unlike Favre.


QB Rating

Favre has a career QB Rating of an 85.4, which puts him well below the top QBs. Steve Young owns the highest career rating with a 96.8, and Manning's is 94.7%.  The reason for Favre's low rating is the high number of mistakes that he has made over the course of his career. As previously stated, great QBs do not make many mistakes, and Favre makes tons of them.


Plays For Himself

There is no doubt that Favre puts on his uniform every week for himself, not the team.  A perfect example is this season. Favre knows he is not the player he once was, yet he came back anyways, seemingly just to pad his stats. There is going to be a day when Peyton Manning breaks just about every record imaginable, and then what does Favre have? Nothing, that's what. If he really cared about the team, he would have sat himself down on several occasions to bring in someone who could really help the team.  Even a Jets player, who remained unnamed, came out and said that he spends all of his free time away from the team.  He is out there for himself.


Good, Not Great

All that being that said, there is no doubt Favre has had some incredible seasons. The man won 3 straight NFL MVP Awards from 1995-97, has started 269 straight games, and is the all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns.  However, Manning will probably win his third MVP this year, is on pace to shatter the touchdown and passing yards records, and could very well break the consecutive start streak. 

I am not saying that Favre is not a good quarterback, because he is good. But he is not great. He will get into the Hall of Fame one day when his name shows up on the ballot, but he does not belong in the same sentence as Montana, Brady, and Manning.