What do the Same Old Jets do Now?

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IDecember 28, 2008

Ah Jets will you never learn?

A missed PAT.

A pick-six from Favre.

A blocked punt.

A loss to Oakland.

A loss to San Francisco.

Oh yeah, and the Ravens won anyway.

What do you do now? Come back next year with Favre? Head into the Kellen Clemens era? Hope that Matt Cassell is a free agent? Give away the store to get Tom Brady?   Kurt Warner? Rex Grossman? Gibran Hamdan?

Do you even want Favre to come back—hope that there is still a gunslinger in there? Does Brett want to come back? Do you kind of miss Pennington now? He will be on TV next week, if you do.

Congratulations to Parcells (He's A Jerk, But He Wins) and former Jets QB Chad Pennington (he is the guy you got rid of to get Favre) and the rest of the Sopranos.   Truly a great turnaround from 1-15.

Enjoy the PSL's and enjoy the offseason.  See you in August!


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