Tim Tebow's Denver Broncos: From Suck for Luck to Playoff Berth

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Tim Tebow's Denver Broncos: From Suck for Luck to Playoff Berth
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Alright, let’s play a little word association game. I say a word and you say whatever pops into your head first. 

Me: Denver 

You: Tim Tebow

Me: Napkins

You: Tebow

Me: Football

You: Tebow

Me: Quarterback

You: Tebow 

Me: Socks

You: Tebow

Me: Winning

You: Tebow

You: Oh, and Charlie Sheen.

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Yup, another victim of Tebow-Mania; the pandemic sweeping the nation.  

Hard to blame you, or anyone for that matter; it is pretty contagious. 

Symptoms include but are not limited to: dry eyes from refusing to blink as Tebow leads another riveting comeback, neck pains from shaking head in disbelief, and thanking Jesus for helping you accomplish everyday, mundane activities. 

Denver was 1-4 when Tebow was named the starter, in prime position for a quarterback upgrade. Most thought Andrew Luck would be that upgrade, but Tebow believed different. Now, after leading his scrappy, underrated team to a 6-1 record, he’s got a multitude of believers following him. 

Hmmm sounds familiar. 

Jesus may have turned water into wine, but Tebow turns it into wins. 

However, Tebow is not doing it alone. Credit goes to the entire team, believers themselves, that have rallied around the quarterback and matched his competitiveness. McGahee has been his backfield partner-in-crime stealing chunks of yards, young receivers are making plays when called upon and the overachieving defense is keeping them in every game.

Tebow does the rest. 

Denver currently sits atop the AFC West, tied with rival Oakland Raiders. Their remaining schedule includes games against a depleted Bears team, the visiting Patriots, at a stumbling Bills squad and back at home to take on the Palko-led Chiefs.  

The Broncos season has been a made for Hollywood journey. I can see the movie poster now: From Suck for Luck to Playoff Berth in big bold letters. 

Will the Denver Broncos make the playoffs?

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And, of course, a picture of Tim Tebow, halo and all. 

Somebody out there with Photoshop skills, please make this happen. 

Doubters still refuse to accept the arrival of Tim Tebow as an NFL quarterback. 

Hmmm sounds familiar. 

They don’t think he’ll be able to maintain this level of success for much longer. 

“This run must end” is a typical phrase heard from the non-believers. 

True, but it may not end until well into the playoffs. 

Maybe nice guys don’t finish last. 

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