Week 13 Fantasy Football: 10 Sleepers Flying Under the Radar

Professor BushCorrespondent IIIJune 26, 2016

Week 13 Fantasy Football: 10 Sleepers Flying Under the Radar

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    Alex Smith of the San Francisco 49ers and Titus Young of the Detroit Lions top this week's list of waiver wire gems. In order to make this list, a player must be available in at least 35 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

    There is a growing list of players out with injuries, and the playoffs are starting soon. Now is a good time to check the waiver wire and see where you can upgrade your team.

Titus Young (Available in 94 Percent of Leagues)

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    Titus Young of the Detroit Lions had 25 touchdowns and more than 200 receptions in his college career at Boise State. 

    Nate Burleson is really not getting the job done as the Lions' second wide receiver behind Calvin Johnson. He has only two touchdowns on the year.

    You would expect a shootout between the Saints and Lions this week. Matt Stafford should be slinging it early and often, and I think Young will be a key target for him.

Randall Cobb (Available in 87 Percent of Leagues)

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    Randall Cobb of the Green Bay Packers has had three long scores this season: a 61-yard pass reception, a 108-yard kickoff return and an 80-yard punt return.

    This is the kind of explosive talent you want to grab for your team. Even if you don't use him, you would keep another manager from getting him.

Joe McKnight (Available in 83 Percent of Leagues)

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    The New York Jets are finally figuring out how to get Joe McKnight involved in the offense on a more regular basis. He has had nine catches over the last two games in addition to 20 carries. In the past he has been used primarily as a kick returner and has 927 return yards.

    Sooner or later, his speed is going to result in some long gains and even a touchdown from scrimmage. Pick him up if he is available in your league.

Jacoby Jones (Available in 74 Percent of Leagues)

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    There are many reasons not to consider Jacoby Jones of the Houston Texans.

    The Texans are down to their third quarterback. The team has two solid running backs who can carry a lot of the offensive load. Their best wide receiver, Andre Johnson, has returned from an injury.

    However, sometimes it is in unlikely circumstances like this when a player unexpectedly shines. Here is a hunch that this is Jones' time.

Devin Hester (Available in 59 Percent of Leagues)

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    I am thinking that with Caleb Hanie at quarterback, the Chicago Bears are going to find some clever ways to get Devin Hester involved in the offense. 

    Imagine Hester running a reverse, running a Wildcat formation or being the focus of some other trick play. Add this to his typical potential as a kick returner, and you will see the logic of picking him up for the playoffs.

Alex Smith (Available in 51 Percent of Leagues)

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    It is hard to believe that Alex Smith of the San Francisco 49ers is so widely available. The list of quarterback ranks has been thinned considerably with injuries to Matt Schaub, Matt Leinart, Michael Vick and Jay Cutler.

    Smith has passed for 13 touchdowns against only five interceptions. With games left against the Rams, Cardinals and Seahawks, Smith should have some big production ahead of him.

    If he is available in your league, you have to pick him up now.

London Fletcher (Available in 48 Percent of Leagues)

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    London Fletcher of the Washington Redskins is a tackling machine. He has been involved in 107 tackles.

    The Redskins play the New England Patriots in two Sundays during what will be the first week of most fantasy playoffs. You'd have to expect a high time of possession for the Patriots and a corresponding large opportunity for Fletcher to make tackles.  

    If he has a productive day he could make the difference in a tight contest for you.

Lance Moore (Available in 38 Percent of Leagues)

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    Lance Moore of the New Orleans Saints has 39 receptions and five touchdowns.

    Against the Detroit Lions without Ndamukong Suh. we can expect Drew Brees to have a great passing day this week.  Moore should be the recipient of some of Brees' tosses.

Eric Decker (Available in 36 Percent of Leagues)

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    Eric Decker of the Denver Broncos has scored nine touchdowns this year.

    How can a player this productive be so available?  The answer is Tim Tebow.

    Managers think that Decker's numbers will fall off sharply with Tebow at quarterback. They might be right, but the next game is with the Vikings. 

    So if Decker is available in your league, you need to pick him up now.

Mark Sanchez (Available in 35 Percent of Leagues)

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    Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets is not a top-notch quarterback yet. But with so many quarterbacks on the injury list, he certainly is worthy of at least a backup spot on your team. You never can tell when your starting quarterback might join the growing list of injured signal-callers.

    Depending on the statistics that your league uses, Sanchez probably is around 10th on the quarterback rating list. He should not be on the waiver wire.


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