LeBron James and 5 Athletes Who Should Buy Their Way into Madden NFL '13

Kyle VassaloFeatured ColumnistNovember 29, 2011

LeBron James and 5 Athletes Who Should Buy Their Way into Madden NFL '13

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    Those who have always wanted to be in Madden can finally get that chance, as Madden is auctioning off a spot in Madden '13 that will go to the highest bidder.

    While this is a great opportunity for an average Joe with a little extra pocket change to live out a childhood dream, wouldn't it be more exciting to have athletes who aren't in the NFL get involved in the mix?

    How cool would it be to have LeBron James catching passes for your favorite team in Madden?

    He's not the only athlete who would be awesome to have at your disposal, either. Here are five athletes who should buy their way into Madden '13.

Akebono Taro

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    Why Akebono Should Buy His Way in

    The 6'8" Akebono Taro has retired from Sumo and needs a new outlet to dominate in. Since Sumo video games aren't likely to take flight in the US, Akebono would jump right back into relevancy by owning the trenches in Madden '13.


    Key Attributes

    Strength: 100

    Akebono is said to have had a fighting weight of 235 KG (517 pounds). Thought Vince Wilfork and Casey Hampton were tough to move? Try running against a defense that features Akebono. He's not a two-gapper; he's a four-gapper.

    Speed: 5

    Sumo wrestlers have to have a certain amount of agility, but speed would elude Akebono in Madden. He shouldn't be expected to move more than two feet in either direction, but he wouldn't have to in order to be considered an overwhelming success.

Hope Solo

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    Why Solo Should Buy Her Way in

    Hope Solo ruffled some feathers during her time on Dancing With the Stars and needs some positive exposure. The soccer phenom would certainly be a more attractive addition than Akebono, and if there is any female athlete would want to show that she can compete against the boys, it would be Solo.


    Key Attributes

    Kick Power: 95

    Don't be fooled by Solo making her living in a goalie box, this former forward has a boot. She may not be able to boot 60-plus yarders, but she's certainly got the kick power to hang with guys who are in the league.

    Swagger: 100

    Solo's Swagger is through the roof. She's a fierce competitor and the perfect female athlete to be the first woman to ever make her way into Madden.

Usain Bolt

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    Why Bolt Should Buy His Way in

    Usain Bolt's speed in pads was negatively portrayed in one of Kenny Mayne's Mayne Event segments, and Bolt deserves a shot at redemption. Those who think Devin Hester, Mike Wallace and Chris Johnson are speedy will find it difficult to comprehend the speed of the fastest human on the planet.


    Key Attributes

    Speed: 107

    107 out of 100? Absolutely. He's that much faster than the fastest player in the NFL, and the only way to gauge his speed appropriately would be to break the meter. His ability to fly is off the charts and no corner could even come close to handing with his down-the-field speed.

    Catching: 20

    Getting open wouldn't be a problem, but can Bolt catch? Running like he does is useless if he can't bring in the pass. Bolt would seemingly be a better version of Ted Ginn Jr. if he broke into the game.

LeBron James

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    Why James Should Buy His Way in

    Many have wondered how LeBron James would fare on the NFL scene. He's got the height and freakish athletic ability to be a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses. King James would finally get a chance to play as himself in Madden and should jump at the opportunity to do so.


    Key Attributes

    Jumping: 100

    James has serious hops that may get unnoticed at times on the hardwood but would certainly stand out on the gridiron. His height and leaping ability would make make him virtually uncoverable and in the red zone, the LeBron fade route would be unstoppable.

    Courage: 50

    There are serious questions that need to be addressed when inserting LeBron into the game. Would he go across the middle? Would he quit on his team when it mattered most? He can't get less than a 50 here because, 75 percent of the time, he's a gamer.



    In big games, LeBron James will not be available for use in the fourth quarter.

CC Sabathia

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    Why Sabathia Should Buy His Way in

    CC Sabathia has New York Yankee money to kick around. The ace has more cash than he knows what to do with and getting a chance to see what it's like to play yourself as a quarterback in the NFL is worth the relatively small amount of money it's likely going to take for Sabathia to buy his way into the game.


    Key Attributes

    Throw Power: 99

    The change in ball shape won't bog down Sabathia's ability to throw smoke. You can expect his arm to translate from baseball to football. Sabathia may not be able to put the ball on a dime down the field, but there is no doubt that he'd be able to toss the long ball.

    Endurance: 15

    Sabathia would be a pocket passer, but he's still prone to tiring out. If you choose to roll with the big fella, you're going to need to invest in a closer.