7 Seattle Seahawks Who Won't Be Returning after This Offseason

Thomas HolmesCorrespondent IIINovember 30, 2011

7 Seattle Seahawks Who Won't Be Returning after This Offseason

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    Decisions, decisions, decisions.

    For the Seattle Seahawks, the past two seasons Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider have made a case of cleaning house to make the team younger and faster in their effort to rebuild. 

    In doing so, the Hawks have said goodbye to several key veterans from the past decade who contributed to arguably the most successful stretch in franchise history.  

    By early next year, it would seem likely that the collective braintrust will continue to do the same by shedding nearly all traces of Mike Holmgren's and Tim Ruskell's leadership from the team's roster. 

    While there's still quite a bit of football left to play, it's never too early to take a look to see who the Hawks may part ways with after this season, especially with the 'Hawks now all but hanging by a thread for a playoff spot. 

    One would imagine that both Red Bryant and Marshawn Lynch would be two of the team's biggest priorities given their emergence during this season, yet there are no guarantees that either will re-sign.

    So for today, let's take a few minutes to see which of the current 'Hawks bigger names may not be around next season in Seattle...

Charlie Whitehurst

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    Let's just cut to the chase here. 

    Is there really any doubt anymore?

    By now, it's safe to say that we've all seen enough.  Outside of his relief appearance against the Giants earlier this season, "Clipboard Jesus" has largely failed to inspire much hope in anyone this season, especially in his two starting performances against the Browns and Bengals.

    While there will be some defenders who will consider this too small a sample to pass judgement, ultimately the team will have to make a decision this offseason. 

    Given the team's willingness to push/play a hurt Tarvaris Jackson since the Cincinnati game, it would appear that Whitehurst barring a major injury to T-Jack will not get the chance to play again in Seattle...for the Seahawks that is.

Justin Forsett

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    Justin Forsett has been hard to figure for the Seahawks during the course of his career in Seattle.  On occasions, we've witnessed flashes of brilliance, but more often than not, found ourselves underwhelmed. 

    Forsett is a good change of pace back but not someone who can carry the load week after week for a full season.  If the 'Hawks manage to sign Marshawn Lynch, I have a hard time seeing the team offering Forsett a lot of money to stay on and pinch hit. 

    Even if Lynch leaves, one would imagine the team would look elsewhere through either free agency or the draft, given Forsett's lackluster play this season. 

Leroy Hill

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    Leroy Hill is one of only a handful of players left from the Holmgren/Ruskell era who has put together a decent season thus far, and with it, will probably command a price too high for the 'Hawks' tastes.

    For management, age is also a potential factor given Hill will be 30 by the start of next season.  One would imagine the 'Hawks would instead prioritize re-signing the younger David Hawthorne before making a long-term offer to Hill. 

Raheem Brock

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    Last season, Brock was quite a find for the Seahawks tallying nine sacks in 16 games; however, with perhaps age sneaking up on him, this season, his impact has been limited.  

    It was a bit of a surprise he returned to the 'Hawks this season, and while he could be back next year with another one-year deal for a reasonable price, I wouldn't count on it...

John Carlson

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    The former second-round choice out of Notre Dame in 2008 only a few years earlier looked to be the 'Hawks' starting tight end for the next decade; however, injuries and the team's uneven play at quarterback and offensive line seemingly derailed Carlson's career during the 2010 season. 

    This year, things went from bad to worse following the lockout when the 'Hawks inked Pro Bowl tight end Zach Miller, and for all intents and purposes, demoted Carlson during training camp. 

    Then only a few weeks into camp, Carlson's season came to an abrupt end with a shoulder injury that eliminated all hope of him being paired with Miller in the 'Hawks' "revamped" passing attack.

    With Miller signed through 2015, it would seem unlikely the team would offer a whole lot money to someone seen as fragile and unable to provide the necessary protection required from the position while the young offensive line matures. 

    It's unfortunate, especially given how well he can play when healthy, but ultimately, it might be best for everyone if he moves on. 

Marcus Trufant

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    Similar to John Carlson, Marcus Trufant was also a solid starter for the 'Hawks who was bitten by the injury bug this season. 

    As Danny O'Neil at the Seattle Times wrote back in October following Trufant's season-ending back injury, "Trufant, 30, is a captain on defense and the longest-tenured member of the Seahawks, who chose him in the first round of the draft in 2003. He has two years remaining on his contract after 2011, but he accepted a reduced salary to stay with the Seahawks this season."

    By the end of this season, Trufant will turn 31, which for this team is downright ancient, especially at the skill/speed position of cornerback.

    Couple that with the development of rookie Richard Sherman and first-year starter Brandon Browner, it would seem Trufant's days in Seattle are potentially numbered. 

Marshawn Lynch

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    Could the 'Hawks really afford to not resign him?

    It appears that talks have started between Lynch and the 'Hawks according to Eric D. Williams at The News Tribune and ideally every effort will be made to keep the Beast in Seattle.

    This is the good news.

    The bad news?

    If Lynch continues to rack up yards at his current pace, it might be very hard for other teams not to take notice around the league. 

    All it takes is one team with deep pockets to make a deal...

    Making matters worse, a lot of the same things can be said for Red Bryant.