2011 NFL Season: 5 Best NFL Cities To Party in After a Super Bowl Win

Yueh Ho@@YuehHoCorrespondent INovember 23, 2011

2011 NFL Season: 5 Best NFL Cities To Party in After a Super Bowl Win

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    The NFL is famous for its tough players, tough coaches, breathtaking play, but also its crazy fanbase.

    Americans love their football teams, and few things can excite them more than seeing their favorite NFL teams win on a Sunday afternoon.

    And winning can only become an excuse for celebration.

    While every NFL team has great celebrations, there are some cities that truly stand out the most. Here are the five best NFL cities to party in after a hard-earned win over a hated opponent...

5. Boston

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    When it comes to a passionate sports fanbase, Boston should certainly make the top of any list.

    This team loves its sports teams, and no matter what their talent level is or what the sports pundits predict, they expect a championship every season with no excuses.

    Boston fans loves to win, and the only thing they may love more than winning is partying after the win.

    But this city does not rank higher due to Boston being still primarily a baseball city, with the city being more passionate for the Boston Red Sox than the New England Patriots for the most part.

    Still, few things can top downtown Boston after a fourth Super Bowl victory by Bill Belichick.

4. Philadelphia

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    The Philadelphia Eagles are notorious for having one of the most passionate but rowdy fanbases in all of North American sports. Going into Philadelphia wearing a jersey of another team can not only be uncomfortable, but in some circumstances it could be dangerous. Few fanbases want to win like Eagles fans do.

    Due to this endless passion, a win in Philly would be a sight to behold. When Philadelphia broke its championship drought with a World Series win by the Philadelphia Phillies, the city went crazy. There was partying all over the city, as well as rioting.

    And this city too has never won a Super Bowl. Imagine how crazy of a party scene it would be in Philly if the Eagles were to finally win it all.

3. Chicago

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    Just like the other two cities mentioned above on this list, Chicago loves its sports and loves to win. 

    Da Bears have a passionate fanbase, and some of the most critical fans that the NFL has in its league.

    When their team is winning, they show as much support as any NFL fan in the world. But when their team is losing, they don't hesitate with being brutally honest with their team's performance. Sometimes the truth hurts.

    By in the case of the former, a Super Bowl win would be an incredible experience to those in the Chicago area. With the team not winning a Super Bowl since the legendary 1985 Bears season, this city is hungry for another NFL Championship ring.

    And, oh, how they would celebrate were that hunger satisfied.

2. Cleveland Browns

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    Does any team in America have as passionate of a fanbase as the Cleveland Browns?

    Sure, they may not win many games, but their fans continue to fill stadiums to see their mediocre to lousy teams play every Sunday.

    For a fanbase that has suffered as heavily as the Browns have, that is pretty darn impressive. The Browns saw their team move to Baltimore only to win a Super Bowl in 2001. And ever since the team was reformed in Cleveland in 1999, the team has only posted two winning seasons.

    Regardless, the Dawg Pound remains loyal to its struggling team. Cleveland has not won a championship 1964 and to say they are hungry for a win is an huge understatement. 

    But when that drought is finally broken, what Cleveland may lack in downtown businesses, they will more than make up for with intense passion and celebration all over the city.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    To live in Pittsburgh and not be a Steelers fan would be like being a child and not liking candy.

    The city and its football team are so closely linked, everyone in the city is expected to support their team.

    And with a winning tradition, Pittsburgh knows how to celebrate too. Every championship win by their Steelers team is followed by euphoria in the city for many days after.

    This fanbase knows how to celebrate, and knows how to party.

    It is the best place to be after a Super Bowl victory and one of the best football cities in America.